Google is celebrating Lake Xochimilco with this fun and colorful doodle of axolotls

He lake zochimilco It became a meeting point for national and foreign visitors who want to delve into the culture of the communities they visit, with mysterious piers, colorful trajineras and tours through one of them. ecosystems rich in biodiversity,

is one of these natural wonders axolotl, an amphibian native and endemic to Xochimilco, which is unfortunately an endangered species. For this reason, Google Slacker Did May 20 tries to identify Cultural and environmental significance of Lake Xochimilco.

Google is celebrating Lake Jochimilco with this fun and colorful doodle of axolotls - doodle-axolotls-google-4-1280x402

This doodle will last for 48 hours in the browser, but not only that, It will also be an interactive video game! This would be possible because of an experience Will invite users to take a leisurely tour of Trajinera, where they will photograph a variety of axolotls while learning about the species, Various global teams were involved in the making of the game, who conducted extensive research on the lake, in order to portray as accurately as possible the cultural and natural heritage that this place means to us. Let’s see how the process went!

Google is celebrating Lake Jochimilco with this fun and colorful doodle of axolotls - doodle-axolotls-google-2

artistic side

This doodle features an original piece of music by Mexican composers Bruno Barrera and Julián Cerillo, who followed the trend we saw in Lofi-style music, in addition to trying to advance our country’s culture and its unique sound. The video was recognized on YouTube.

On the other hand, were in charge of illustration Illustrator Helen Leroux for Doodler Teamwho visited the symbolic site months before the start of the illustration’s design, in order to capture its essence.

This project provided us with an incredible opportunity to learn and discover much more about the rich culture and history that Mexico and Lake Xochimilco had to offer. I was lucky enough to visit the lake itself, and its amazing beauty, the local wildlife combined with the rich and colorful culture of Chinampas, Trajinera, Mexico, gave me incredible inspiration to create the game. Stressed on Helen Leroux, Doodle Illustrator.

Let’s play while we learn!

Who was in charge of developing the game? Daniel Dowley, Doodle Software Engineer, Who also took the opportunity to connect with their Mexican roots:

I grew up in Mexico City and had visited Lake Xochimilco many times, so I already had a lot to say about the environmental and cultural relevance of the lake. Still, this project helped me put everything into perspective and appreciate it even more. The whole team put in a lot of hard work to make this happen and we hope people enjoy and discover just how amazing Lake Xochimilco is in the process.” he pointed Daniel Dowley, who led the interactive game portion.

In his process, Daniel worked closely with Google’s marketing and communications teams in Mexico to capture an atmosphere that was both playful and recognisable. The creation of the game took Daniel and his team several months, with the main objective being to generate an interactive experience with the user that, in addition to being entertaining, served as a perspective on the natural wealth of the lake.

doodles in mexico An opportunity to reflect and discuss issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability Focusing on personalities and sites that remind us of the importance of promoting initiatives focused on creating a better society. For this reason, at Google we care about learning more about the cultural richness of our Doodle in search engines that try to reach new audiences rapidly by telling us inspirational and motivational stories.

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