Using Google Maps to look at his old neighborhood, a man discovered a car with the body of a man disappeared 22 years earlier.

The high-resolution images of Google Maps made it possible to find the body of a man who died 22 years ago.

William Earl Moldt, an American resident of Wellington, Florida, was last seen in July 1997. He had just left a nightclub and got behind the wheel of his car, a white Saturn Sedan from 1994, probably to go home to his girlfriend. All traces of him had since been lost.

However, looking at his old neighborhood in Wellington, called Grand Isles, with Google Maps, a former resident noticed the outline of a car immersed in a pond. It was not the first time he had returned to his neighborhood with Google Maps, but first, the images of the Google service did not have a resolution that would allow us to distinguish such a detail.

It is not clear how Moldt ended up in the pond. The area was then still under construction, but nobody noticed the car. After all, even after the discovery, it was simply thought that it was the old carcass of a vehicle thrown into the pond. Imagine the surprise when the police found us inside a corpse!

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