iOS and Android do not always get along well as mobile operating systems. For example, iPhone users cannot send files to Android smartphones via Bluetooth without using third party applications. Another problem is emojis. When an iMessage user responds to text from an Android user, the latter gets the text version. For example, the Google News app will display Laughed instead of the corresponding laugh emoji. Google has finally decided to fix this problem.

Emoji from iMessage on Android

Emoji from iMessage on Android

Thus, Google has started the process of translating Apple Emoji into those from Android. Of course, we will not get the same graphics, but their Google equivalents. For example, Apple uses the heart emoji for the Love response, while Android users will get a face with hearts in their eyes. Thus, the problem of the text wall that Android users see when talking to iPhone users is to be solved.

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Of course, it would be best if Apple finally decided to introduce RCS. However, there is no point in counting on it, so this solution must be enough for us. Let’s just hope that the differences between the individual emojis aren’t big enough to lead to confusion. After all, the interpretation of one picture may already lead to some inaccuracies, and here we are talking about two different ones, of which the sender does not see the recipient, and the recipient does not see the recipient.

Source: XDA

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