Google Pixel 6 with less charging power than you thought

You can not charge the latest series of Google Pixel 6 smartphones with 30 W. Google explains it minor misunderstanding. What can the flagship battery really do in this matter?

Probably no one has any doubts that Google Pixel 6 is not the best flagship of this year. Since the premiere of the device, the network has been flooded with reports on errors and faults that users find on their smartphone. The most serious concerns the battery and the fingerprint reader.

On Tuesday, Google finally released an update OTA SD1A.210 817.037which, according to the changelog, “improves the performance of your device’s fingerprint reader.” Let me just remind you that a few days ago Google explained that the sensor is so slow due to “improved security algorithms”.

Unfortunately after the update The scanner problem was solved only by some usersand that doesn’t bode well. We are waiting for the next step that Google takes on the defective item.

Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 Pro / photo by the manufacturer

How does Google Pixel 6 charge?

At the same time, the giant from Mountain View was caught on slight understatement. In the opinion of the general public, the Pixel 6 series was to be equipped with fast charging with a power of 30 W. This is due to the fact that Google recommends choosing a 30W fast charger from its store for its smartphones.

However, as the Android Authority editors noted in their laboratory tests, Pixel 6 supports charging only 21 inwhile the Pixel 6 Pro 23 W.!

It is worth noting, however, that Google has never stated that the Pixel 6 series supports 30W fast charging. We will buy the smartphone without a power supply, and the manufacturer only recommends choosing a 30W charger from Google. Hence the assumption that the equipment is equipped with such charging.

Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6

In an official post on the Google blog, the manufacturer has just confirmed the editorial discovery. I am going to quote here an excerpt from the Google statement, the entirety of which can be found on the manufacturer’s blog (in English):

The charging speed at any time depends on factors such as cell and system design, temperature, system utilization, and state of charge.

We optimized Pixel’s Li-ion battery for high charging speeds when the battery level is low. The Pixel 6 can get up to 50% in about 30 minutes (with Google’s 30W USB-C charger) and quickly reach 80% in about an hour, depending on device usage and temperature.

The peak power that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro gets from a wired charger 21W and 23W, respectively.

– we read on the blog.

  Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 Pro / photo by the manufacturer

One thing is for sure – Pixel 6 already has many antifans on the network, and many of the accusations are fully justified. Those fans of the brand who were not scared off by all the news about faults can buy a smartphone in Poland! The equipment appeared in the offer of the x-kom store. For the flagship, however, we will pay … PLN 4999. And it’s not even the Pro variant:

BOOM: You can buy Google Pixel 6 in the Polish store! Price? Better go to bed right away …

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