Google Pixel 6a, camera promoted by DxOMark: on the podium of the mid-range

Pixels are historically devices with great strengths but also important defects. Among the good sides, even if with the due generational differences, the camera certainly stands out. Thanks to a truly successful combination of hardware (few sensors but targeted) and software, in fact, Mountain View smartphones have often stood out as a reference in the sector when it comes to taking pictures.

Every time the big G launches a new Pixel, therefore, there is great curiosity about the performance that the photographic sectorand the same goes for Pixel 6a. The latest arrival, as we explained in our review, does not disappoint and is in continuity with the glorious Pixel tradition of high-level shots despite uninspiring hardware on paper. And now also the in-depth analysis of DxOMark confirms this reality.

Google Pixel 6a review: great balance and lots of yield

21 Jul


The photographic equipment of Pixel 6a consists of a 12 MP main sensor Sony IMX363 DP with OIS flanked by a ultrawide 12 MP (the same as Pixel 6) and one Sony IMX355 8MP selfie cam. That’s all, but that’s enough to generate – in combination with the software developed by Google – shots at the top of the mid-range.

With an overall score of 130 points Google Pixel 6a doesn’t just rank second in the DxOMark ranking relating to the medium-high range segment of the market, behind only the older brother Pixel 6, but also wins a remarkable 21st place overallthus placing itself very well also in comparison with the proposals of the high end.

In summary, for DxOMark the strong points of Pixel 6a lie in a rich color renderingpleasant and accurate for both photos and videos (well stabilized) and in a good exposure and wide dynamic range in bright light conditions and also indoors.

As for the shadows, however, the lack of details is felt a little when using the medium and long-range zoom (due to the absence of a tele) and in low light conditions (despite the excellent mode night made popular by the Google Camera). Finally, the bokeh blur effect is not visible in the preview, which makes it very inconvenient to use this feature.

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(update of 02 August 2022, at 00:22)

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