Google Pixel 6a on redners. It is a beautiful failure

Google Pixel 6a poses on renderings. It is a beautiful medium with a design from a flagship, which will be absolutely not worth buying in Europe. This is how the lack of Xiaomi in the US ends for Google.

Why am I so hard about the new Google Pixel 6a? Well, let’s not make eggs – this year’s Google flagships are the biggest technological disappointment since … Pixel 3 XL. In Pixel 4a, screens break by themselves. The bug list is longer than the river Bug itself. And although this equipment on renderings can really be liked, and it will be cheap, because Google made it, I would not be able to recommend it to anyone I like.

The design itself is a reduced and slightly simplified version of the cheaper flagship of this year. To make it funnier, the frames look much thinner. The matrix has a diagonal of 6.2 inches and a fingerprint reader has been integrated with it – so it’s 100% OLED. It is a pity that the problems with the scanner in Google’s flagships have already grown to the level of an internet phenomenon – read, it will be hopeless.

What will the specification of Google Pixel 6a be?

So far, we do not know anything specific about the Google Pixel 6a specification. Two cameras will definitely appear on the rear panel, but the matrices used are shrouded in mystery. I would bet these are the same sensors from Pixel 6, but here’s the catch. The medium-sized device is unlikely to be powered by a Tensor processor, so the quality of the photos will differ from that of the flagships. I would bet on some new Snapdragon in the style of 695 or 778.

Theoretically, the advantage of the Google Pixel 6a could be the battery. The phone is quite thick for such a structure (8.7 mm without counting the camera island), which may indicate a large link inside. However, we certainly cannot count on fast charging – on the contrary, it will be hopelessly slow, probably again at 23W.

Would you like to learn more about the reasons why Google Pixel 6 is generally not a recommendable phone? See the text below in which I have compiled the most serious allegations.

Google Pixel 6 – user (not) review after two weeks. I can’t believe they managed to ruin it that much


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