Google Play: free applications and games with a total value of almost PLN 90!

Google Play: Paid apps for free
Google Play is full of promotions, including paid Android apps available for free for a limited time. Once added to your Google account, the application will be yours forever. This time, you can save almost PLN 140 in the Play store. You can have all the applications described here without paying if you hurry up.

DEEMO -Reborn-

Regular Price: PLN 10.99. Download from Google Play

DEEMO -Reborn- is a remake of a music and rhythm game. You can think of it as a more esoteric version of Guitar Hero.

Freeze! 2 – Brothers

Regular Price: PLN 9.99. Download for free from Google Play

Freeze! 2 – Brothers is the sequel to the award-winning independent game Freeze! from 2013. It’s perfect physical puzzle with 100 levels to solve, no purchases and no ads. Hero of Freeze! he has been kidnapped by evil aliens, but his younger brother rushes to his rescue in a rocket he has built himself.

Legend of the Moon

Regular Price: PLN 3.97. Download for free from Google Play

Legend of the Moon is a fairly old-fashioned platformer-RPG game that requires you to explore the dungeons and develop your character. Its controls are a bit clunky, but at least there’s no advertising, no micropayments, and no-nonsense grinds unlike in numerous modern titles.

Magnetic Balls HD

Regular Price: PLN 1.79. Download for free from Google Play

Magnetic Balls HD is an addictive puzzle-arcade game. The game uses the well-known mechanics of connecting balls of the same color. If there are enough of them, they will explode. The goal is to get everyone off the board, but you need to score as many points as possible. The game allows you to use the accelerometer and play in three modes.

Alice Trapped in Wonderland

Regular Price: PLN 9.19 Download for free from Google Play

Aplice Trapped in Wonderland is a fantastic adventure, dressed in a type adventure game Point & Click. The game features clever and at times funny puzzles. The player takes on the role of Alice Liddel, who returns to Wonderland after many years in an important matter. Only this time the White Rabbit sent her a letter, and dreams usually do not send letters … The graphics are already a bit old, but the sound and level designs are at a high level, which should compensate for the imperfections of the painting. After all, in this genre, the most important thing is the idea.

Sudoku Challenge Offline

Regular Price: PLN 9.99. Download for free from Google Play

Sudoku Challenge for Android

Sudoku Challenge Offline consists of over 5,000 sudoku boardsclosed in an application that is only 1 MB and does not require internet access to work. You can fill them in three ways: from the context menu, Android keyboard or from the handy numeric keypad in the application. The game saves your progress automatically, so you can put your phone down at any time and go back to solving sudoku later. There are also hints, efficiency assessment, and in case of major problems, you can simply preview the board solution.

Highway Game

Regular Price: PLN 9.19 Download for free from Google Play

Highway Game is an interesting take on arcade racing, but the route is completely straight here. You have to collect coins, fuel and avoid collisions. Importantly, the car accelerates constantly and it is impossible to slow down. The game is small and can be played offline.

Hollow Earth

Regular Price: PLN 9.39. Download for free from Google Play

Hollow Earth is a hardcore arcade game, drawing on the tradition of space shooters. You can go through an interesting story in it or play purely arcade in endless mode. There is also a boss fight mode in which there are no “normal” enemies, only one boss after the other.

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Scalar Pro

Normal price; PLN 11.99. Download for free from Google Play

Skalar Pro is a flexible, advanced scientific calculator with a comfortable touch keyboard. It allows you to define your own arguments, own functions, random variables and remembering the variables used in previous calculations. In addition, there are interactive graphs of various types and many other useful functions. The icing on the cake is the ability to write scripts that facilitate repetitive tasks.

Shot on Watermark on Photo – Like Shot On OnePlus

Regular Price: PLN 5.09. Download for free from Google Play

Show on Watermark on Photo for Android

Shot on Watermark on Photo allows you to put a watermark on the photo informing about the phone model it was taken. At the same time, it is not necessary to provide real information here. In the app, you can set the position of the watermark and choose its size from numerous templates. In addition, you can create your own composition, as well as prepare your own logo based on a transparent PNG file from the phone’s memory. The application also has the ability to reduce photos.

Minerals Guide + Identifier

Regular Price: PLN 4.49. Download for free from Google Play

Minerals Guide + Identifier

MInerals Guide + Identifier is an application that helps you identify minerals. There is a lexicon of 1,400 famous minerals with descriptions as well as a clever search engine. You can of course search by name, but you can also specify colors and hardness. The application is simple and very nice, contains no ads.

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