Google uses music by rapper Drake to tease Apple

Rapper Drake released last Friday (17) the song Texts Go Green and Google took the opportunity to snipe at Apple. The song refers to the absence of the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol, which turns the bubble next to the message green when an iMessage message is sent to a user who does not use Apple’s messaging tool, or has been blocked.

The official Android profile published last Saturday (18), a tweet with a “unofficial explanation” about the meaning of the lyrics of the song. Among users with different operating systems, the absence of RCS makes the exchange of messages happen by regular SMS, using phone credits and without counting on resources such as sending videos.

To top it off, the company also ‘threw a green card’ for Apple, about the importance of adopting the RCS protocol, commenting that only Apple engineers could solve Drake’s problem. “If only a team of talented engineers from Apple would fix this. Because this is a problem that only Apple can fix. In fact, they just have to adhere to RCS”commented the official profile of Android on Twitter.

What is RCS

The RCS protocol is considered as an evolution of the SMS system and was launched in 2007. The model is used in Google Messenger and is very similar to the iMessage of Apple systems. RCS, unlike SMS, consumes internet data to send messages instead of having its own tariffs. As the feature is not used by telephone companies in Brazil, most likely you did not even know that traditional SMS has a more evolved form.

What is the benefit to users, and Drake?

The Android profile explanation was called “unofficial” as Drake’s lyrics point to someone who has been blocked – rather than using a different operating system. However, Apple’s adoption of the RCS protocol would allow Android and iOS users to chat via smartphones while maintaining all the functions of their own messaging apps.

Google has been asking Apple to adopt RCS for some time now. In January 2022, Android software engineer Hiroshi Lockheimer criticized Google and accused it of delaying industry development and harming the user experience. “We are not asking Apple to make iMessage available on Android. We are asking Apple to support the Modern Messaging Standard (RCS) in iMessage in the same way they support the older SMS standards.“.


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Source: The Verge, Android Police

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