GOPR sells its Land Rovers. They are off-roaders for special tasks

The rescuers of the Podhale Mountain Rescue Service from Podhale have put up for sale two Land Rovers Defenders 110. Vehicles prepared for really difficult conditions will be replaced by newer equipment. This is a great opportunity to help rescuers and purchase an extraordinary roadster with history.

The first one comes from 1994 and was used by rescuers as a mobile center for searching for missing persons. The mileage is modest and amounts to less than 23 thousand km. You can guess, however, that the working conditions of the roadster were not easy. The asking price is this 80 thousand zloty, and the defender can be seen in Rabka-Zdrój, in the GOPR station. The auction itself will take place on January 17 at 15.

The second car is a 2003 defender 110 Td5 which already traveled 120 thousand. km. Here the starting price is slightly lower and is 55 thousand zloty. The car can be seen in Krościenko nad Dunajcem, at the headquarters of the Pieniny National Park. In both cases, the sale will take place in the form of an auction.

The collected funds are to help in the purchase of new vehicles – a bus to command search operations in the field and a mountain ambulance.

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