Górnik – Legia. Four men detained by the police

Among the detained are three Legia scarf-makers and one Górnik, the press team of the Silesian police reported on Monday.

Sunday match at ul. Roosevelt in Zabrze, won by the local team 3-2, was secured by policemen from the local city headquarters together with uniformed officers from the Katowice branch and the Częstochowa subunit of prevention. The policemen used dogs trained to search for pyrotechnics. There were preventive uniforms, traffic guards and criminals all over the city. They secured access routes, around the stadium and areas of public transport stops.

“Unfortunately, during the securing of this mass event, there were incidents. The police detained four people. Among the fans of Lega Warszawa were arrested: a 22-year-old for bringing a gas thrower to the stadium, a 28-year-old for breaking into a match and a 47-year-old for having He also took drugs in the form of marijuana. A 26-year-old fan of Górnik Zabrze was also arrested for breaking into the area of ​​the mass event, “the police said.

The press team also describes an incident that took place before the match, after visiting fans were led to the stadium’s gate. “While identifying and punishing fans who committed offenses along the route, the fans of Legia Warszawa who saw it tried to interfere with these actions. Due to the aggression of fans, the police were forced to use coercive measures, which finally allowed the whole situation to be brought under control” – she said Police.

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Author: Krzysztof Konopka


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