Górnik – Legia: Mladenović revealed what the Serbs did with the million euro. Top league

  • Serbia’s victory with Portugal in the last round of the World Cup qualifying rounds meant that Cristiano Ronaldo’s team will have to fight for a trip to Qatar in play-offs, and Dragan Stojkovic’s players won a direct promotion
  • Legionnaire Filip Mladenović revealed what he and his colleagues did with the millionth bonus from the president of the country. – We completed the task, and we decided to donate the bonus to sick Serbian children – confessed the footballer
  • The 30-year-old also admitted that there is room for fear in football, and revealed that there is more strength in the Serbian national team than in the Polish national team. He sees the potential of his countrymen in youth
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Serbia surprised all of Europe – in the last round of the World Cup qualifiers, they defeated Portugal 2-1 away, thanks to which they secured a direct promotion to the World Cup in Qatar. The 2016 European champions were satisfied with a draw, but the result was determined by the last-minute goal by Aleksandar Mitrovic, who was sensational this season. In an interview with WP Sportowy Facts, Filip Mladenović, Legia’s swing player, revealed the details of an extremely important victory.

– The President of Serbia appeared on board 10 minutes before the departure of our plane to Lisbon. He told us to win and said that if we beat Portugal, we would get an additional one million euro in bonus. We completed the task, and we actually decided to donate the bonus to sick Serbian children – confessed Mladenović.

The Serb was asked if he and his colleagues felt fear of the clash with Cristiano Ronaldo. – Nooo … I have long believed that in professional football something like fear does not exist. No matter who you play against, don’t be afraid because it doesn’t make sense. It will not help you at all, and it can only harm you, the player admitted.

When asked about the strength of the Polish and Serbian cadres, headed by Aleksandar Mitrovic and Dusan Vlahovic, the legionnaire did not hide that his young countrymen had greater hope than in young men with an eagle on their chest. – Serbia was better in these qualifying rounds because it was promoted directly. But Poland still has a chance and many good players. But looking at the potential of young players, I think it is bigger in Serbia. This team will grow, it can do a lot. We have a great mix, young and old. Vlahović, Milinković-Savić, Tadić, Jović. Footballers who lead clubs in strong leagues. Suffice it to say that there is no Serbian footballer in this team. And on top of that, a great trainer. Confident of himself, sure of what he is doing, what is transferred to the team … – assessed the 30-year-old.

Mladenović also admitted that he would like to see the atmosphere in the national team also in Legia. Our bad streak has been going on too long. It’s high time to stop this and move on, he concluded.

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