Górnik was leading in Płock. Then the destroyer of fun entered the field

Orlen Wisła Płock unexpectedly had big problems with the weakened Górnik Zabrze, who was even leading until the break. In the second half, Adam Morawski entered the field and the goal was thrown by Zabrze. The team from Płock won 27:21.

Michał Gałęzewski

Michał Gałęzewski

Adam Morawski

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It was hard to be optimistic before the Friday game in Zabrze. As many as eight of Górnik’s players struggled with injuries and Marcin Lijewski had to “patch up” the squad with young people. In Orlen Arena, from the very beginning of the match, you could not see the big problems of Zabrze, who bravely resisted the favorite.

To make matters worse for the team of the Lijewski coach, Sebastian Kaczor was shown the red card in the 5th minute. Nevertheless, in the 9th minute, after Paweł Krawczyk’s goal, the scoreboard was already 4: 6.

They evened Zabrze thanks to two goals from Sergei Kosorotov’s penalty kick, and then took the lead when Krzysztof Komarzewski showed off with an accurate, effective throw. But the hero was someone else. Krystian Witkowski was given a chance to play from the very first minute and he showed off excellent interventions in one-on-one situations. The parade, during which he stopped his rivals twice and the counterattack was used by Mikołaj Czapliński, is certainly a strong candidate for the intervention of the queue.

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The players from Płock played below their expectations and were punished for it in the end. After three goals in a row and a hit by Kamil Szeląg, Górnik returned to the lead 14:13 a minute before the break. The hosts still had a chance to even the result, but they did not manage to do so. The last throw just before the siren of Dmitry Zhytnikov was easily defended by Jakub Skrzyniarz.

Xavier Sabate must have noticed that the situation was getting out of hand. Adam Morawski entered the field and, referring to popular memes, became “the destroyer of good fun”. Zabrze had a great time in Płock, and the sealed defense of Orlen Wisła along with Morawski did not allow the guests to throw a goal for 12.5 minutes. The impasse was broken only by Igor Bykowski. At that time, however, Orlen Wisła was leading by 20:14.

The picture of the game has not changed. 10 minutes before the end of the match, Krzysztof Komarzewski threw at 24:16 and it was practically over. At the very end, the guests managed to make up for the losses, and Orlen Wisła did not screw up the result anymore. The hosts won 27:21 and added another three points to their achievements.

Orlen Wisła Płock – SPR Górnik Zabrze 27:21 (13:14)

Orlen Wisła: Witkowski (9/23 – 39%), Morawski (5/12 – 42%) – Kosorotow 6, Komarzewski 3, Daszek 3, Krajewski 3, Szita 3, Żytnikow 2, Mihić 2, Czapliński 2, Fernandez 1, Daćko 1, Mindegia 1 and Serdio, Susnja, Terzić.
Criminal: 5/6.
Penalties: 6 min. (Fernandez, Mindegia, Terzić – after 2 minutes).

SPR Górnik: Skrzyniarz (8/26 – 31%), Kazimier (3/11 – 27%) – Dudkowski 9, Bykowski 4, Krawczyk 3, Gogola 2, Bis 1, Szeląg 1, Rutkowski 1 and Sladkowski, Adamuszek, Gregułowski, Kaczor, Mucha .
Criminal: 3/4.
Penalties: 12 min. (Duck 2 min. – cz.k., Sladkowski, Adamuszek – 4 min., Bis 2 min.).

With the full squad, would Górnik have a chance to win in Płock until the end?

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