• After Africa, Sabaudia and the Dolomites, the presenter relaxes with her family in Frontone
  • His grandparents live here and in these days there is also his sister Melory
  • Ilary Blasi continues his wild summer tour. After going on a safari in Africa with their children, having spent a few days in the villa of Sabaudia and having taken a little fresh a Curtainnow the 41-year-old has chosen to relax in her grandparents’ village in Marche. On his Instagram profile he shared many images: while walking her niece Jolie, daughter of her sister Melory and her husband Tiziano (also in Frontone these days), while walking through the alleys of the village with grandmother Marcella, while having coffee in the kitchenette of the family home. Always with a summer dress leopard print which has by no means gone unnoticed.

    Ilary Blasi, 41, in the family home in Frontone, in the Marche, the village of her grandparents

    The mother of Cristian, 16, Chanel, 15, and Isabel, 6, seems very serene and relaxed despite being constantly on the covers of gossip weeklies for some months, but also on the inside pages of the most serious newspapers. About her Yours divorce from Francesco Totti is doing a lot of talking. It is not clear what led to the breakup and the various hypotheses proposed by the magazines seem to entertain readers under the umbrella more than anything else in this torrid summer.

    Ilary drinks coffee in Frontone
    Ilary takes her niece Jolie for a walk around Frontone
    Ilary with her grandmother Marcella
    A walk with the grandmother through the alleys of the town

    Totti, 45, is very moderate with the use of social media. There is practically no trace of him on the various online sharing platforms. Ilary recently appears to have chosen a completely opposite path: he often and willingly exposes himself and does so by showing a big smile with 32 teeth. Via the wedding ring from the left hand, the Roman blonde enjoys posing for her more than 2 million followers.

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