Gossip, the four couples who are back together in 2022: the separation seemed to be the end

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Among the most famous beautiful couples in the television world who separated and then got back together again are those of: Belen Rodríguez and Stephen DeMartinoMichelle Hunziker and Thomas TrussardiMauro Icardi and Wanda NaraFrances Touch and Raymond Todaro. These are the main relationships that after publicly breaking out have been reborn, like the spring that never ceases to bloom and amaze. Love never ends.

Rodriguez and DeMartino

The Argentine model, Belen Rodríguezshe got back together with the TV presenter and former Amici dancer, Stefano DeMartino. Their romance began in 2011 when the dancer left the singer Emma Brown to be with her. After two years of relationship they had a child named Santiago and in 2013 they decided to get married. While on December 22, 2015, the lawyer of the showgirl officially announced the separation. In 2016 the Rodríguez she was engaged to the motorcyclist, Andrea Iannonehowever during 2019 she came back again with DeMartino.

Belen Rodríguez
The well-known showgirl Belen Rodriguez

There love story with the pilot of MotoGP, ended due to rapprochement with ex-husband. Belen and Stefano stayed together for about a year from 2019 to 2020 and then broke up in lookdown of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, Argentina falls in love with Antonino Spinalbese where Luna was also born from their relationship Mari. But the two break up in the autumn of 2022 after failing to overcome the love crisis. In January 2022, the Rodríguez come back happily with DeMartino.

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Gossip, Hunziker and Trussardi

Eros’ ex RamazzottiMichelle Hunzikerin 2011 she got engaged to the Italian entrepreneur, Tomaso Trussardi. After two years of bonding, their first daughter Sole was born and in 2014 they got married at Palace of Reason of Bergamo. Then on March 8, 2015, their second daughter, Celeste, was born. But in January 2022, after 11 years of living together and seven years of marriage, they decided to leave. Michelle had started a new relationship as revealed by the weekly magazine Who with the Sardinian surgeon, Giovanni little angels, but after a few months, she came back again single. But now they’ve embraced each other again after a somewhat complicated 2022 full of love crises.

Wanda Nara and Icardi

The Argentinian and presenter, Wanda Narawould not have overcome the marital crisis with her ex-husband and striker currently in force at Galatasaray in Super League but owned by Paris SaintGermain. On November 23, 2022, they communicated the separation via social accounts. The two were married on May 27, 2014 and she, in addition to having had two girls, had also become the footballer’s attorney. But after two months of living apart, in November, they went on vacation to the Maldives together. “She wasn’t the woman of my life, she was my life transformed into a woman.”he wrote Icardi in the photo taken and published on his profile by Instagram. And maybe there love story one of the greatest in the world of football is back, Mauro managed to win her back.

Mauro Icardi, PSG striker on loan from Inter and the agent and wife of the footballer Wanda
Mauro Icardi, PSG striker on loan from Inter and the agent and wife of the footballer Wanda

Gossip, Touch and Todaro

The dancer, Frances Touch and Amici’s dance teacher, Francesco Todarothey are officially back together. Todaro he told the magazine Who: “I think we are one of the few couples who didn’t break up due to betrayal, it was something that went out slowly, slowly”. Their breakup came when she struck up a romance with the nicknamed dancer, Valentin, but after a few months this relationship ended and now they are together again. There love story she was born in the ballrooms of Catania and they also had the beautiful memory of the birth in 2013 of their first daughter called Jasmin.

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