Got an SMS from Google. This is an intricate scam aimed at account owners

Cybercriminals repeatedly pretend to be various institutions and companies to obtain data from us. This time it fell on Google, and the fraudsters have mastered the impersonation of a technology giant almost to perfection.

As reported by Sekurak, one of their readers sent them a screen shot of a smartphone showing SMS received from Google. It would not be surprising if not for the fact that it was in the message unsafe link redirecting to a malicious website.

A vulnerability in Google Docs.  Hackers use it for phishing

A vulnerability in Google Docs. Hackers use it for phishing

If that was not enough in the sender field there is indeed the word “Google” and the fake message itself went to the same thread where there were already real messages from Google with verification codes. So crafted fraud, the so-called SMS spoofing can really confuse an inattentive recipient.

Photo source: © Sekurak

The text of the message reads translated from English: “We have suspended your account for your safety, so that you can continue to use our Services, view and accept our new policy.” After receiving such an SMS, it is worth checking immediately whether our account has actually been suspended. This is the fastest way to dispel any doubts.

Attack in Google Docs.  Suspicious links are phishing

Attack in Google Docs. Suspicious links are phishing

Alone the website address given in the message already looks suspicious and is in no way associated with Google. Probably, cyber criminals delude themselves into a vulnerable victim who, after entering a dangerous website, will provide his Google login details.

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