Gotham Knights, Misha Collins as Harvey Dent

The news was given by the American actor himself via Twitter with a photo of one of the latest interpreters of the criminal Two-Face. For Collins it is the first TV role since Supernatural

After the confirmation of the production of a pilot episode of Gotham Knightsproduced for the American TV network The CW, the first details of the cast of this new project, still in progress, begin to emerge. Misha Collins will have an important role in the production: the American actor, known on TV for playing Castiel in SupernaturalSara former Gotham City attorney Harvey Dent. To spread the news, Collins himself thought of it with a tweet and, judging by the content, it seems that the interpreter is already working on the characterization of his character.

Misha Collins tweet about “her” Harvey Dent


Gotham Knights, the new DC TV series in the works

“I asked if my version of the character could wear a beige trench coat over the gray suit (I’m just not sure I would feel comfortable in front of a camera without it).” With these words full of irony, Misha Collins announced her next project for TV without forgetting the role that made him ultra-popular on the small screen. The reference to the trench coat, as fans will certainly know, is linked to the angel Castiel, the character he played in Supernatural for over one hundred episodes, from 2008 to 2020.

Misha Collins chose a striking photo of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent to complete his tweet. The blonde American actor is the latest performer to lend his screen face to the DC comic book villain in 2008, the year of the release of Christopher Nolan’s first acclaimed film The Dark Knight. Previously Dent / Two-Face was played by Tommy Lee Jones in the iconic Batman Forever (1995).

The other cast members of Gotham Knights


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The introduction of Misha Collins in the cast of Gotham Knights comes after the confirmation of the first names that will animate the first season of the show whose filming will start in Aprilaccording to director Danny Cannon.
A couple of weeks ago, in fact, the presence of Fallon Smythe and Tyler DiChiara was announced, called respectively to interpret Harper Row and Cullen Row, the two brothers – the first bisexual, the second transgender – both committed to carrying on their battles. . The three confirmed characters will populate a show that will take place after the murder of the Dark Knight. In a city in disarray, completely prey to chaos, it will be up to Bruce Wayne’s adopted son to become the new hope of Gotham City but in the enterprise, the new hero will have to forge unlikely alliances with the children of Batman’s enemies, forming a group with truly characteristics. surprising.

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