Government and dear energy, Meloni is preparing for handover

The theme at the top of the agenda is always the same. The most intricate knot, which will represent the test of the next executive: the expensive energy. And this is precisely the topic at the heart of the today’s meeting in the Chamber between the leader of Fdi and premier in pectore, Giorgia Meloni, and the Minister of Ecological Transition of the Draghi government, Roberto Cingolani. A meeting that comes after days of continuous contact between the winner of the last political elections and the outgoing administration, in the sign of that “orderly transition” repeatedly evoked by Meloni. So much so that the president of the Brothers of Italy during the face to face meeting (which took place in a “very positive” atmosphere) would have expressed her appreciation for Cingolani’s willingness to report on the work done.

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During the meeting, which took place in the FDI offices in the group building, the two took stock of the energy dossier and “the dynamics under discussion in Europe to contain the price of energy”. Theme addressed by Meloni on Facebook with a post: “The energy crisis is a European issue and as such must be addressed”, remembers the leader of Fdi, who adds: “Brothers of Italy and European Conservatives have always maintained that the real task of the European Union should be to manage the great continental challenges that are difficult to face by individual member states. Actions by individual states aimed at exploiting their strengths risk interfering in the competitiveness of companies and creating distortions in the single European market “. Meloni then assures: “We will support in Europe any action aimed at combating speculative phenomena and unjustified increases in the cost of energy and we will support any shared initiative of concrete help to families and businesses”.

Later, during the recording of the episode of ‘Porta a Porta’, it was Cingolani himself who underlined that between the outgoing and the incoming executive there must be “continuity” in the management of the delicate energy dossier: “I am strongly committed to pass everything we are doing also to the future government, on this thing there must be a continuity of Italy at the international level in the hope of not losing even a day in the passage. You must not lose even a day in the passage and I found a lot of receptivity on the other side”.

And speaking of the PNRR, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi also returned to ask political forces for cohesion: “The PNRR is not the Plan of a government, but of the whole of Italy, and it needs everyone’s commitment to ensure its success. on time and with the expected objectives. Italian politics can achieve great results when it collaborates – between political forces of different colors, between central government and local authorities “, said the premier speaking to the National Anti-Mafia and Counter-Terrorism Directorate where he visited in the afternoon.

Meloni’s day was also marked by the Ukrainian dossier. Arriving at Montecitorio, the FDI leader did not hide her concern to reporters who asked her for a comment on the Times’ indiscretion that Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to carry out nuclear tests on the border with Ukraine. ‘a very complex situation “which requires” prudence “. In the afternoon, then, she made the phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. During the conversation Zelensky congratulated Meloni on the victory of the Brothers of Italy in the political elections and “he said he was certain that he could count on a fruitful collaboration with the next Italian government”, reads a note from Fdi. Zelensky also thanked “for Italy’s support also with regard to the new decree on the dispatch of weapons just examined by Copasir and expressed the hope that Meloni will be able to go to Kiev as soon as possible”.

For his part, Meloni “recalled the closeness that the Brothers of Italy and the European Conservatives have shown towards Kiev since the first day of the war” and confirmed his “full support for the cause of freedom of the Ukrainian people”. The probable future tenant of Palazzo Chigi also reiterated “that the declaration of annexation of four Ukrainian regions by the Russian Federation has no legal and political value” and underlined “her commitment to every diplomatic effort useful for the termination of the conflict”. Among the stages of the day, also the telephone conversation with Benjamin Nethanyahu. The former Israeli prime minister, reappointed in the elections on November 1, congratulated Meloni on the electoral success, wishing a “strengthening of the partnership” between the Brothers of Italy and Likud.

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