Government, Berlusconi: ‘Here after 9 years: we will vote for trust and work with loyalty’ – Politics

“Mr. Prime Minister, I am happy to be here and I am also happy because my 17th grandchild was born 3 hours ago. Hurray! However, it is a source of great satisfaction for me to speak again in the Senate, after nine years, and to do so precisely when the Italian people have once again chosen to entrust the government of the country to the center-right coalition “. This was stated by Silvio Berlusconi speaking in the Senate.

Berlusconi thus announces in the courtroom the birth of the second son of his son Luigi and his wife Federica Fumagalli. The couple, who got married in October two years ago, already has another son, Emanuele Silvio born last year.

Justice reform is also a top priority, for a matter not only of reasonable duration of the trials and I remember that the trials for a sentence of first instance from us 1020 days in Europe, apart from Holland, 98 days at most one year and for this reason no hearings should be fixed after 3- 4 months but the week after or at the latest after two weeks. We have to do it out of a question of civilization and freedom. A truly guaranteed reform, not against the judiciary but for the right, for fairness, for freedom. “Thus the senator of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi in the declaration of vote in the Chamber for trust.

“In our decisions we must then put the person at the center of everything, the bearer by nature of rights that are not granted by the State, but that the State has the duty to guarantee and protect. We are therefore for the protection of life, from conception to natural death, we are for the support of the birth rate, we are for the defense and enhancement of the family and its indispensable social function. These are all issues on which our government, I am sure, will be able to intervene with courage, and with a sense of responsibility “. Thus the senator of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi in the declaration of vote in the Chamber for confidence in the government.

“Faced with the current situation, we can only reaffirm and consolidate the main lines of our foreign policy, namely solidarity with the West, that solidarity which has always characterized our governments and which must be the common heritage of the nation, especially of in the face of old and new international threats. I have always been a man of peace and my governments have always worked for peace and always in full agreement with those responsible for the government of Europe, NATO and the United States “. Thus the senator of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi in the declaration of vote in the Chamber for trust.

All the center-right senators and the entire executive standing greeted the conclusion of Silvio Berlusconi’s speech in the Senate with a long applause, with which he announced Fi’s yes to trust.

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