Government, discontent Forza Italia by Ronzulli case

There are those who speak of real clutches, who, on the other hand, of normal competition in the ticket which, in fact, has the organization of Forza Italia in hand. A party that survived the caudine gallows of 25 September thanks to a miraculous 8% achieved thanks to the umpteenth descent into the field by Silvio Berlusconi. We are talking about the tandem formed by Antonio Tajani and Licia Ronzulli, currently the leaders of the two internal currents in Fi who remained alive after the escape (or scrapping according to the evil ones) of many members of the old blue guard, who made the history of the movement born in ’94, as Valentino Valentini, Sestino Giacomoni, Antonio Palmieri, Alfredo Messina and Gregorio Fontana.

All remained out because they were not re-nominated or re-elected in Parliament for having had colleges at risk, if not losers at the start. It was inevitable, says a long-time force fighter, that in the end the two ‘consuls’ Tajani and Ronzulli would have arrived if not exactly at the battle or almost. And what better pretext than the very delicate game of totoministri for the new Meloni government? Tajani and Ronzulli (together with Anna Maria Bernini, Paolo Barelli, Andrea Mandelli and Alessandro Cattaneo), in fact, are the names marked on the Cav ‘notebook’ delivered to Giorgia Meloni for the government upgrade. With the request of a ‘first level’ ministry, such as Foreign or Defense. ‘Desiderata’, still being examined in via della Scrofa, which would present some unknowns, if not real obstacles, as in the case of Ronzulli, given in the race for Health or Education, two leading departments , which Fdi would like to allocate to others.

The perplexities about the forced senator, current national manager for relations with the allies, would be slowing down the negotiations for the formation of the Palazzo Chigi team. Hence the internal discontent in Forza Italia, due to a stalemate that could complicate the ministerial risk even more and, in the end, penalize the Azzurri. So much so that there are those who, to get out of the stalemate, in Forza Italia would push to divert the loyal of Arcore to the position of group leader in the Senate or a minor ministry.

As for the future of Tajani, who today left the European Parliament, ‘ceding’ the role of Head of the Fi delegation in Brussels to Fulvio Martusciello, if he does not marry with Defense or Foreign Affairs (as he would like), he could also find a place in the Mise, given that the Interior Ministry is assigned by the daily ‘bag’ to an area technician. The blue number two, they report, would aim to join the executive as a politician and would have pulled out of the race for the presidency of the Chamber.

Another knot to solve is who will be the head of the government delegation, even here there would be a game in progress. Just as everything to play (always between loyal Tajani and pro-Gonzullians) is another game, that of the parliamentary groups of Fi with the election of the new group leaders, given that Bernini is given out for a ministerial promotion. A separate discussion in Montecitorio: if Paolo Barelli does not win at Palazzo Chigi, he should remain the head of the group in the Chamber, but it is not excluded that a race can be opened to contend for his reconfirmation.

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