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A government is being worked on, is the reasoning of Giorgia Meloni, “politician, strong and cohesive, with a clear program, a popular mandate and a political president”. An executive, recalled the president of FdI, who, as requested by the citizens, “will bring forward policies in discontinuity with respect to those set up in recent years by the Pd traction executives “.

“I don’t think there is a clash” with Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the PNRR, “However, the government writes in Nadef that by the end of the year we will spend 21 billion of the 29.4 we had, and therefore we say it with a constructive spirit to say that we must do even better,” said Meloni.

The Prime Minister Mario Dragons in NRR report sent to Parliament he illustrated “the intense activity carried out since the beginning of the year and the results achieved”. The results achieved – he underlines – are significant “with the achievement of all the objectives of the first half and Italy” will soon be able to receive another 21 billion euros “. Now implementation” is proceeding faster than the original time schedules. The end of the legislature required an additional effort to ensure that, after the elections, we could start from a position as advanced as possible “.

The puzzle about ministries. Beyond the names, the method indicated by Meloni, for a high-profile government that draws even among technicians if more competent, does not convince everyone. Surprise, in particular, circulates in Forza Italia. Also claiming, in a whisper, that some of the prominent personalities registered today by FdI were discovered by Silvio Berlusconi (from Raffaele Fitto to Giulio Tremonti from Marcello Pera to La Russa himself). On the full ministers front, the Matteo Salvini knot also remains. The contacts between Meloni and the secretary of the League continue, but for now at a distance (Salvini busy all day in Lombardy). Therefore, the idea of ​​a step backwards by the ‘captain’ with respect to his return to the Interior Ministry is more plausible. For him, the options of a ministry of agriculture or regional affairs would remain, to drive and implement the reform of autonomy. Another unknown factor is the Ministry of Economy. The reserve on Fabio Panetta is not officially dissolved, despite the ‘no’ from the member of the board of the European Central Bank that would be filtered through Bloomberg.

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