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“Full mandate” to the secretary and “clear ideas” on the team of ministers: Matteo Salvini complements the party to the federal government. And for the first time he does not rule out a ‘step to the side’ in his race for the Interior Ministry. During the meeting he slyly takes note of the many interventions of those who ask him to return to the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior. His primary objective remains to “defend the borders”, but his comment on this pressing is cryptic. According to parliamentary sources, he replied to these invitations with a phrase with a ‘draghian’ flavor, more like a civil servant than a party secretary: “I will do what the country needs”. This does not mean giving up the armchair of the Interior but opening up to different options. That said, Salvini recalled that the Department of Reforms and Autonomy, that of Agriculture and Infrastructure, should also go to the League. And at the same time he doesn’t give up an inch on the program, starting with the flat tax and Quota 41.

In short, he dictates the line and rediscovers the pride of the party, especially on the priorities of the future executive. In this regard, he rejects Confindustria’s doubts about the flat tax to the sender: on the tax side, as on pensions, the watchword of Via Bellerio is “full speed ahead”. A rather short meeting that served the secretary to clarify: no debate on internal life, no intervention on the rules with which to manage future congresses, but a discussion, according to various sources, calm and quiet, centered on the next steps in the new executive. The first point remains the clear request from all the souls of the party that Matteo Salvini go to the Interior Ministry: Giancarlo Giorgetti, leaving the meeting, bluntly defines the Northern League secretary as “the natural candidate” to lead the Interior Ministry. The same is claimed by the group leader in the Chamber: “We believe Matteo Salvini – reiterates Riccardo Molinari – the most suitable figure to fill that position”. Interior Ministry and more: in a video released at the end of the meeting Salvini does not talk about ministries but it is enough to translate his programmatic priorities to understand which boxes his party is aiming at: when he asks to “unblock construction sites”, imagine the Infrastructures, when he says that the League wants to “restore security to the cities”, he refers to the Interior. Finally, he asks the Minister for Regional Affairs to “apply autonomy”, defined as “fundamental”. A line shared, according to some present, by Luca Zaia, convinced above all that Lega should ask for the Ministry of Regional Affairs for itself, because autonomy remains the mother of all battles, but also of Agriculture and Infrastructures.

But the Venetian governor would have gone further by arguing that the League should also not renounce the departments held in the previous government, namely Economic Development, Tourism and Disability. If we worked well, why give them to others would have been the gist of his reasoning. During the Federale there was no mention of the work of the former Lombard secretary of the League, Paolo Grimoldi, who was commissioned by Umberto Bossi to lay the foundations for the “Northern Committee”. An initiative that is ignored and that does not seem to worry the leaders of the party at all. Right in these hours, in fact, the link to an interview by Francesco Belsito, entitled “Bossi is right to reopen in the North, Salvini should reflect on him, is circulating among the chats of the League’s parliamentarians”. Genoese, an early Northern League player, Belsito is the former treasurer of the Carroccio, who in 2012 was overwhelmed by the investigation into the party’s funding, the now famous diamonds from Tanzania. With a testimonial of this level – ironicize many leaguers in Montecitorio – they will not go far …

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