Government, trust in the Senate. Cash, flat tax, Ukraine: what Meloni said

Giorgia Meloni’s government has obtained confidence in the Senate. After the green light in the Chamber, the OK has also arrived at Palazzo Madama. In the Chamber, 200 present. There were 199 voters. There were 115 in favor, 79 against. The abstentions were 5. “The Senate also voted trust in the Government. We presented a clear and detailed program during the election campaign. We will keep our commitments: the link between representative and represented is the essence of democracy. Immediately to work to respond to Italy’s urgencies“, wrote on twitter Meloni who, leaving Palazzo Madama, to the journalists who asked her if she was satisfied, replied:” Well, of course … “.

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Meloni, before the vote, replied to the speeches of the senators. In the speech of about 45 minutes, the leader of Fratelli d’Italia touched on a series of topics: cash ceiling, flat tax, energy. And then the minimum wage, Pnrr, covid. In particular, the intention to raise the cash ceiling has been confirmed, as envisaged by a law proposal by the Lega. “On the cash ceiling there was an ideological discussion, linking the issue to tax evasion, but there is no correlation with the undeclared, ‘there are countries where there is no limit, but tax evasion is very low’ , are the words of Pier Carlo Padoan, minister of the Democratic Party and I agree with him “, he said. “Germany has no roof, Austria too”. “Technical issue, electronic money is not legal tender, it penalizes the poorest, so I say that we will put a hand to the cash ceiling”.

On the flat tax “I do not understand the criticism with the ceiling of 100 thousand euros. I made two proposals: one on the flat-rate regime, the other on the incremental flat tax, at 15% on what I have declared in more than the previous three years”. “It is a sign of merit, whoever has done more is right to be rewarded”, she said to Senator Mario Monti. “Is the flat tax good for hyper-millionaires, but not for VAT numbers?”, The premier then asked, referring to the proposal of the Democratic Party who “proposed it for those who returned money from abroad”.

“L’power it is our great priority: before looking for new resources, speculators must be stopped, there are things that can be done at European and national level. We will continue to urge Europe to give common responses, if it is not Europe we will think of decoupling the price “of electricity and gas. Meloni therefore referred to the” immediate emergency that commits us: I think we need to work with punctuality to help businesses and families, recovering resources from extra-profits and extra-income “.

“The contrast to poor work it is a priority for all of us. But you have to figure out which is the best way to do it. I think that the legal minimum wage risks not being a solution to this problem but rather a red herring because we all know “that there are” national collective agreements that already have minimum wages, “she said.

On Pnrr “it was said that we went back: ‘you don’t want to twist it anymore’. If you show me the statement in which I would have said I meant to twist, I will be grateful. We said something very clear, never that it should be rewritten or twisted, but that, on the basis of art. 21 of the EU Next Generatio, which allows adjustments to be made with a change of scenarios, it was necessary to assess whether these scenarios have changed. Which ones? When it was written there was no war in Ukraine, there was no ‘it was the energy question and the increase in the price of raw materials. Is it therefore legitimate or not to think about whether interventions are more effective? “, he affirmed.

The prime minister’s position on the war between Ukraine and Russia. “I hope and work to reach a just peace, but we must understand how to get there, it is not done by waving rainbow flags in the squares. In Ukraine it is a war of aggression that we cannot accept, those like me who believe in self-defense, I don’t think that we should find a way for those with more military strength to invade a neighbor, “he said.

“The Ukrainians defended themselves, it was stronger than the rest, the only possibility of favoring a negotiation is that there is a balance between the forces in the field, peace is achieved by supporting Ukraine, allowing it to defend itself, is geopolitics “he warned.

On the issue of weapons, he added: “If Italy turned away, the rest of the West would continue to send weapons, the GB alone sends more weapons than the whole West, so not the outcome of the war would change. but our credibility “.

In the Senate, after 9 years, he returned Silvio Berlusconi. The former prime minister, in his declaration of vote opened by the announcement of the birth of his 17th grandchild, claimed the role of ‘founding father’ of the center-right, suggesting that he will still carve out the role of kingmaker: “It is a coalition to which I gave birth 28 years ago and wrote fundamental pages in the history of the Republic. It created an accomplished democracy, of a European type, based on the alternation between two parties, legitimized by the vote of the Italians … “. Berlusconi recalled, in fact, that he had ‘cleared customs’, in particular, those who are now at the helm of Palazzo Chigi: “If today, for the first time, the government of the country, by decision of the voters, there is an exponent which comes from the history of the Italian right, this was made possible, because 28 years ago a plural coalition was born, in which the right and the center together, were able to express a democratic government project for our country … “.

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