Government, when Meloni was against the technical ministers: “Not elected by anyone, they will not save the world but politics”

When can a government be called technical? Only when the chairman of the board is not a political leaderas in the case of Mario Draghi or Mario Monti? Or even when the key departments are entrusted to characters who they do not come from parties? The colonels of the center rightengaged in these days in the delicate preparatory negotiations for the birth of the first government led by Giorgia Meloni. The question is not of secondary importance, given that the very leader of Brothers of Italy in the past she often spoke very clearly about ministers who did not come from parties. “The technicians won’t be the ones to save the world, but politics. Only politicians, unlike technicians, are carriers of one World vision“, Argued for example the former Minister of Youth, in February 2012, in full government of Monti.

A position held even later. For example when Giorgio Napolitano appointed the committee of ten essays for reformsand the leader of Fdi – the party she had just founded at the time – attacked the operation head-on: “We are retracing the same mistakes that allowed the birth of the Monti government. The idea that a few technicians not elected by anyone or few politicians with opposing ideas, they can offer solutions to Italy without resorting to downward compromises on every issue is a utopia that we have already paid dearly over the last year “. It should be noted that among the Neapolitan essays there was also the Northern League Giancarlo Giorgetti, which could now be part of the new Meloni government. An executive, the latter, which could include alongside politicians various technicians in the dicasteries key: exactly as happened for Napolitano’s essays but also for the Draghi government. According to various backgrounds, in fact, the FDI leader herself would like at least 8 technical ministers in her government team: in this way, however, the places available for the allies of League And Come on Italy. And it is for this reason that in recent days the knot of the technicians had inflamed the center-right. Here’s why Fabio Rampelli – very loyal to the aspiring premier – is anxious to specify how it is “presumable that some government boxes can be entrusted to techniciansit being understood that being the political leader, the government is political“. On the other hand, Rampelli is the same one who, after the re-election of Sergio Mattarella, explained with certainty: “The more fragile democracy is, the more the gap between citizens and institutions grows, the more technical governments – external to the consent of the peoples – they will be a rule rather than an exception ”.

Although only a few months have passed, the times when Meloni and his people fired on the technicians seem to belong to the passed away. “We have seen the technicians and we are unable to support them”, said the leader of Fdi in April 2018, in full institutional stasis after the political elections had not won any natural majority. Since then, water has passed under the bridges: today Meloni aspires to become the first woman to lead a government in Italian history. An assignment that comes at a very delicate moment from the point of economic and social view. It may be for this reason that already in the election campaign the leader of Fdi substantially changed the tone and content of her statements. Starting with the relationship with Draghi governmentto which she opposed but who could now bequeath some minister or trustworthy man to her.

The economy, for example, has been talking about a pressing on for days Fabio Panettamember of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank, very close to the current prime minister. In case of forfeit of Panetta, among other things, someone – like the Northern League’s undersecretary Federico Freni – would like reconfirmation in via XX Settembre of Daniele Franco. Alternatively there is ready Domenico Siniscalcothe banker of Morgan Stanley who was minister with Silvio Berlusconi. But not only. For foreigners, the names of Elisabetta Belloniformer secretary general of the Farnesina and now at the top of the Security Information Departmentbut also that of the ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo. The names of the president of the Red Cross are at stake at the Salute, Francesco Rocca, and that of a doctor, Professor Rocco Bellantone, director of endocrine surgery and obesity at Gemelli. Even Roberto Cingolaniwho was theoretically appointed Minister of Draghi with the green light of Beppe Grillocould remain in government with Meloni: yesterday the two met in Montecitorio, but the leader of Fdi denied any accusation of mess, dismissing everything as an “orderly transition”.

For sure there is only that to listen to the background of the Meloni executive there will be several exponents who are not been elected by no one, to quote the definition of the Fdi leader in 2013. People not “wanted by the Italians”, to use Meloni’s most recent statements. Only last June, in fact, the leader of Fdi replied on facebook a Goldman Sachs – who had launched an alert on the Italian elections and for which one of the papable ministers like Siniscalco was working – explaining that the Italian public finances have been shattered “by 2011 to present“And” all technical governments (perpetually supported by the left that loses the elections), or born from messengers of the Palace, have patently failed. The reality of the facts is only one: the speculative finance he is afraid that a strong government, wanted by the Italians to exclusively defend their interests, will put an end to the looting ”. Very different statements from those released after the election victory. A situation that Pierluigi Bersani, with one of his lines, summarizes as follows: “Meloni? She is swimming across the sea that is there Between saying and doing“.

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