“Government will be authoritative, not composed to resolve party disputes.” Pnrr, control room with Draghi. Ira FI

Meloni to his followers: “The most authoritative and high-profile point to Cdm possible”

“I point to the most authoritative and high-profile Cdm possible”. So Giorgia Meloni during the meeting of the national executive of Fdi in via della Scrofa. “It will not be – he specified – composed to resolve party disputes”.

“We are facing perhaps the most difficult phase in the history of the Italian republic: we are in the midst of a conflict, the outlines of which seem to become even more rigid; the pandemic theme remains unknown; we are experiencing an economic and energy crisis that seems destined to cause a domino effect on the prices of raw materials and food products, ”he added.

Pnrr, at 3 pm control room with Draghi. FI: surreal us off the table

«As is well known, Forza Italia, in the current government, is not represented by any head of delegation and by any minister. The former Azzurri ministers, today, represent the future opposition to the new Executive that will soon take office in Palazzo Chigi, or only themselves. Therefore, Forza Italia deems it surreal not to have been involved in the meeting at 15 on the PNRR, which will be attended, in addition to Prime Minister Draghi, by the ministers and heads of delegation of the majority forces. We remind you that the PNRR implementation guidelines will also concern – if not above all – the political government of which Forza Italia will be a part ». This was written by Paolo Barelli, president of the Forza Italia deputies.

La Russa: “There was no talk of names or vetoes”

«All or almost all the members of the executive took the floor on general issues. There was no mention of names, no mention of vetoes or formations. We have all given President Meloni our full assurance to trust his judgment at this stage ». This was stated by Ignazio La Russa at the end of the Fdi executive meeting.

Thursday 13 October at 10 am first session of the new Chamber

The Chamber of Deputies is convened on Thursday 13 October 2022 at 10.00 for the first session of the 19th legislature. The agenda includes: the establishment of the provisional Bureau of the Presidency; the constitution of the provisional elections council and the proclamation of succeeding deputies; the election of the President (by secret ballot). On the basis of the provisions of the Regulations, the session will be chaired by the Honorable Ettore Rosato in his capacity as the most senior Vice-President by election among those of the previous legislature.

Lollobrigida: «Sent to Meloni? Given by the voters “

“The hectic hours that (Giorgia Meloni, editor’s note) will have to face require a full mandate, which we did not give her but the voters with the vote”. To say the group leader of the Brothers of Italy, Francesco Lollobrigida at the end of the meeting of the national executive of the party. «The meeting was long, difficult to summarize it – he added – We thought a lot about the priorities of the nation. Even a movement like ours, which at this stage aspires to express the Prime Minister, must organize itself to respond to what is our first commitment, that is to give Italians the realization of a program we have written, solve contingent problems, work on strategy”.

Concluded National Executive FdI: meeting of two and a half hours

After two and a half hours, the meeting of the national executive of the Brothers of Italy, with the president Giorgia Meloni, in the party headquarters ended.

Lollobrigida: «Veto to Salvini? No, start with skills “

“To me it does not appear that there are vetoes of any kind, starting from vetoes is wrong, starting from the skills, qualities, abilities of the people who can accompany the Italian people, in the important role within a Council of Ministers, to do the best possible to give this nation the role it deserves ». Thus the group leader of the Brothers of Italy, Francesco Lollobrigida, responding to a question about a possible veto on Matteo Salvini at the Viminale, during a break in the party’s executive meeting.

Pnrr, queen cabin with Dragons at 3pm

According to Adnkronos from government sources, the control room between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the heads of delegation of the majority forces will be held at 3 pm to take stock of the PNRR. The meeting, at Palazzo Chigi, will bring forward the Council of Ministers set for 16.30. So the old formula of the ‘control room’, set aside in recent months by the Prime Minister, is back.

Cisl: “We appreciate Meloni’s opening, hurry up”

«It is important that the leader of the Brothers of Italy recognized the value of social dialogue and the relationship with intermediate co-workers. The country needs harmony, unity, we must face this storm that is approaching, which means on the one hand governing the emergency, linked to the escalation of energy prices and the increase in food goods, and on the other hand we need to build a long-term vision, which leverages growth, relaunching investments, quality, job stability, supporting the path of reforms “. This was stated by the general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, speaking to Tgcom. Those of Meloni, «are openness and availability that we appreciate. We tell the political forces to hurry, the country needs a government that ensures authority, stability, true governability, willingness to dialogue with the intermediate bodies to relieve the country from the health emergency, the energy crisis and to bear these heavy effects of the war. in Ukraine”.

Melons with FdI staff in the party headquarters

Crowd of reporters and traffic on tilt in Via della Scrofa in front of the Fdi headquarters, where the national executive of the Brothers of Italy was convened with the leader Giorgia Meloni: on the agenda, “Scenarios and determinations in the light of the result of the last political elections”. In addition to the party president, among others: Donzelli, Lollobrigida, Ciriani, Gemmato, Urso, Rampelli, Fitto, La Russa, Marsilio, Varchi, Rauti and Cirielli.

Rampelli: “I am not vetoed on Salvini at the Interni”

«I don’t know» that there is a veto on Matteo Salvini’s arrival at the Viminale, «however now we are going to this meeting to understand the picture. Then it will be Giorgia Meloni, when she deems it, to inform you ». This was said by FdI deputy Fabio Rampelli, responding to journalists before entering the party headquarters for the meeting of the national executive.

“Controversies? I don’t know what these controversies must be sincerely, there are three parties that must make up a government, it is normal for them to discuss, indeed it seems to me that things are going very well, because there is really no controversy “, added Rampelli, and to those who asked him of the League’s “shopping list” on ministries replied: “Everyone has a shopping list, I don’t think this can be represented as a problem. They have given indications that will be discussed. There is no nervousness – he added -, the legitimate attention of the media circuit creates much more nervousness than there is in reality ».

Giorgia Meloni in via della Scrofa for the national executive meeting of FdI

The leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni arrived at the party headquarters, in Via della Scrofa, where the meeting of the national executive of the Brothers of Italy will soon take place.

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