GR Yaris Rally Cup at the second appointment in Alba: it’s “Paperini-bis”

The second of the six rounds of the season, which brought the trophies on the roads of the Langhe, province of Cuneo, was also characterized by the success of the Tuscan driver, who made a first and decisive extension in the standings.

In the places of honor the Finnish Manninen and third, for a few tenths, the young Rimini Angelo Pucci Grossi. With fourteen crews between Cup and CRZ at the start, Toyota attracted the attention of professionals and enthusiasts, thanks also to the GR Yaris rally, which allowed the thirty owners of the model an exclusive experience in the Gazoo Racing world.

Alba (Cuneo), June 25, 2022

Strong winner in Sicily last May at the Targa Florio, and strong winner also in the Langhe area of ​​Cuneo. The status of Thomas Paperini, together with his co-pilot Simone Fruini in GR YARIS RALLY CUP 2022 speaks of a new success, an encore of laurels obtained today with a rewarding race strategy, with consistency of performance and with the clarity in looking for the goal, the one that allowed him to make a first and decisive extension at the top of the standings.

An uphill race, that of the Tuscan crew from Pistoia, having to adapt to the difficult roads in the Langa, and then producing an exhilarating progression that, three tests from the end, brought them to the command by overtaking the young Angelo Pucci Grossi, alongside by Cardinals.

The latter, who needed to pull up “heavy” points given the unsuccessful joke of the seasonal debut in Sicily, attacked decisively in the initial phase of the second day of challenges, he had also taken the lead, and then sold him to Donald Duck , therefore also having to leave the second position, conditioned by overheating of the brakes in the final tests, being overtaken by only six tenths in the final under the checkered flag by the Finns Manninen-Sillanpaa who have been able to adapt well to a very technical path like the one encountered, certainly different from those of their country. The Nordics, at this point, become the most formidable adversaries for Donald Duck and Fruini, given their consistency of performance.

Grossi was left with the half-smile of having regained pace and above all points that relaunch him in the standings and from the Piedmontese away match he returned with the fourth position instead Tommaso Paleari Henssler who, paired with Bozzo, provided a convincing performance punctuated by valuable chronometric results.

Top five signed by the reigning champion of the trophy, the other Tuscan Alex Ciardi, extemporaneously paired with Rappoldi, detach more than a minute from the leaders. A whole new race, even in the case of Ciardi, who never found a satisfactory feeling with the context of the special stages embraced by the hills of the Langhe.

Disappointed by the trip in Cuneo is Federico Romagnoli, paired with Jessica Rosadelayed during the fifth special stage by a double puncture that certainly compromised his pace and affected the final result, even if he too gained important points, having also started the season with the retirement in Sicily.

Confirmation of the potential of the first Under 23 classified at the “Targa”, the Venetian Jacopo Faccoflanked by Nicola Doria, and the couple did not betray the expectations, putting an important result back in the safe.

The race in Alba instead said badly to Marco Gianesini, that after the exciting second place in the Targa Florio, returned to team up with Sabrina Fay, here he had a bummer when he retired due to going off the road during the second test, the same fate for Cannavò-Rappa.

In addition to the competition, GR Yaris was also the protagonist of a rally organized with the support of Cinzano Rally Team. The thirty owners who started the event had an exclusive experience in the world of TGR Italy.

GR YARIS RALLY CUP – RALLY DI ALBA RANKING: 1. Donald Duck-Fruini in 1: 21’29.3; 2. Manninen-Sillanpaa at 13.7; 3. Big Cardinals to 14.3; 4. Paleari Henssler-Davide at 48.9; 5. Ciardi-Rappoldi at 1’08.9; 6. Romagnoli-Rosa at 2’37.9; 7. Facco-Doria at 2’44.2; 8. Menegaldo-Amerio at 3’17.4.


ABSOLUTE: 1. Donald Duck 91; 2.Manninen 51; 3. Gianesini 38; 4. Paleari 31; 5. Big 25;

6. Cannavo 24; 7. Luchi 20; 8. Facco 18; 9. Menegaldo 12; 10. Romagnoli, Ciardi 11.


1. Face 68; 2. Menegaldo 51; 3. Big 25.


1. Blu Thunder-Spotorno Car 103; 2. HMI-Finiguerra 63; 3. PromoRacing 39; 4. New Star3 36;

5. HP Sport-Zerocento 20; 6. Emmeci Sport 18.


May 5 – 7 106 ^ Targa Florio

24 – 25 June 16. Rally of Alba

21 – 23 July 10. Rally di Roma Capitale

25 – 27 August 45. Rally 1000 Miglia

01 – 02 October 42. Rally City of Modena

21 – 22 October 41. AC Como Trophy

PHOTO: Donald Duck / Fruini (photo Massimo Bettiol)

Com. Stam.

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