grabs the ball with his hands in the area for no reason

It is really inexplicable what happened in Serie D during the match between Seregno and Brusaporto: the referee did not grant a solar penalty kick, due to a crazy gesture by a guest player.

We have seen many penalties not granted, even sensational ones, at every level and in all categories, but what happened on Wednesday evening during Seregno-Brusaporto – match valid for the fourth day of Group B of the Series D – it’s really hard to justify, from any point of view you look at it. Appealing to the lack of the VAR in such a sunny situation makes no sense, since not only the referee but also the line assistant – who was one step away – was dragged into a space-time hole in which the sensational gesture of a player has completely disappeared.

The crime took place around the middle of the first half of the match, with the hosts pushing to find the advantage. A harmless cross from the trocar was easily blocked with his hands by the Brusaporto Aceti goalkeeper, who then let the ball roll on the ground, passing it – still inside the area – to teammate Suardi. The latter, instead of playing it in turn to continue the action, stopped it with his hands and placed it on the vertex of the small area to beat a nonexistent goal kick..

After a few moments of bewilderment, the Seregno players began to protest vigorously, invoking the granting of the penalty for obvious hand ball. The conciliabolo created around the referee Torreggiani then moved to the sidelines near the linesman, but there was nothing to do, despite such an obvious situation. According to the version of the referee and the assistant of him, the ball would have gone out to the end of the field before the goalkeeper blocked it: we started again with the goal kick, leaving those present really astonished.

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The episode was decisive, as the match ended with a score of 0-0. With the point won, both Seregno and Brusaporto move their rankings, remaining in the belly of Group B, respectively five and six points behind the leaders Franciacorta.

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