Grag Queen debuts new song on Disney’s season soundtrack

Grag Queen debuts new song on Disney season soundtrack

She has it all! Fulfilling overseas show season, Grag Queen premieres, today (15), song on the soundtrack of “Love Victor”.

Produced by Disney and in its third season, the Queen of the Universe only has reason to celebrate: “As soon as I received the title of Queen of the Universe, Leland already contacted me saying that Disney was interested in me, to integrate the soundtrack of the 3rd season of “LOVE VICTOR”. I was completely happy and shocked by the invitation. I accepted right away, traveled to Los Angeles where I, Leland, Jesse Saint John and Peter Thomas sat down to decide which direction we would go. It was a DELICIOUS process, a super light afternoon and full of laughter that resulted in this work with a super high spirits vibe. Since I recorded it, I listen to it every day and I really hope you like it too. It’s too big for a Brazilian Drag Queen to have a new song for a Disney series, right? Even though it’s hard to believe, I just have to thank you”.

In parallel with this grandiose Disney debut, Grag Queen continues working on his first song in English, “You Betta“, which was recorded in partnership with the producers Leland, paste and Jesseresponsible for the success of Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, baby Rexha, David Guetta and Snoop Dog, among others, and is also getting ready for another major international launch, this Friday (17th). Wait!

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