Grag Queen launches international partnership: ‘Drag queens are the new super stars’

The drag Grag Queen has released new music.

The drag Grag Queen has released new music. Photo: Rodolfo Magalhães

In this month of diversity, the singer Grag Queen is taking all Brazilian drag art to the international market. The reality show winner queen of the universe released the song You Betta on June 12th and, currently, the clip already has more than 200 thousand views.

This new work is a partnership with producers Leland, Cole and Jesse, responsible for Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, baby Rexha, David Guetta and Snoop Dogbetween others.

“We got together to do a session and this song arrived, the universe presented us with these crazy lyrics. We wanted to unite this drag universe and at the same time be more pop. We were seeing what we liked and needed and it was born”, said the artist.

About the creation process and inspiration of this new work, Grag explains that he wanted a “very gringa” creation. “As the song was in English, I wanted to do something robotic, futuristic. Since I was living this fantasy, I thought: ‘I’m going to be different.’

Precisely because it is a work in English, the singer explains that it is a production aimed at the international market. “Many outsiders consume songs like this, more concept. I’m turning into something a bit like Mystique, from X-Menevery day she appears with a different look”, he jokes.


Even with this expansion of her career, the winner of the reality show queen of the universe states that Brazilian drag culture is much more diverse. “We are much crazier. We have zero access to what the cats have here”, she begins.

“That sets us apart, we are those people who don’t do drag for money, we do it because we love to look beautiful, participate in the night and work. I think this is incredible and this is the fire that burns in us and moves us”, she reiterates.

Grag concludes by concluding that its representation is part of a natural movement that has taken place over time. “Drag queens are the new super pop stars. We change our hair every time we show up, we change our makeup, we change our eye color, we are very political.”

“We easily enter people’s homes, we are in the TikTok, in parades, in everything. Like all people in the LGBT+ community, we deserve notoriety,” she states.

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