GRAMMY 2021: Beyonce is the queen of the gala, the show has stolen Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion
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GRAMMY 2021 handed out! Beyonce, who was the favorite of the event from the very beginning, took the most prizes home. However, she did not manage to win all the statuettes. Who and which Grammy Awards rolled from under her nose? What else happened at the 63rd gala of giving away the most important music awards in the world?

The 63rd Grammy Gala is behind us! What happened at the Los Angeles Convention Center? Which celebrities have returned home with awards, and which are the ones to taste?

Beyonce Queen of the Grammy 2021

From the beginning, it was obvious that Jay-Z’s wife could prepare another shelf for statues at home before Grammy 2021. Beyonce has been nominated for up to 9 awards. Of course, she failed to break the bank and take all the statuettes to her residence, but she left the gala with the most of them anyway.

During the 63rd Grammy Gala, Beyonce received a total of 4 awards.

It is worth adding that during this year’s gala Beyonce broke the historical record, becoming the only artist with 28 Grammy Awards! Currently, he already has 28 awards. It took her 20 years to get them (she won the first one in 2001, still with the band Destiny’s Child).

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However it is not Beyonce received the most important of the awards. A statuette Record of the Year she took home Billie Eilish. Her song was the song of the year “Everything I Wanted”.

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The Grammy 2021 show was undoubtedly stolen by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. The girls performed their WAP piece on stage. The gala viewers saw a much polished version, suitable for broadcast without restrictions 🙂 but the censored track was still very hot. See for yourself.

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