Gran Turismo DD Pro is the official Fanatec steering wheel for Gran Turismo 7. We know the very high price of the equipment

Gran Turismo DD Pro is “A steering wheel designed by Polyphony Digital especially for Gran Turismo”. The device is to provide the best experience for all players who intend to play the latest production of the Japanese studio next year. The hardware obviously uses the Fanatec SDK, so it will also get compatibility with “All major racing games”.

The proposal will offer a revolutionary technology that will provide players with a new quality of gameplay:

“In 2001, Gran Turismo 3 introduced the groundbreaking force feedback technology to PlayStation. Developed in parallel with the CSL DD, the Gran Turismo steering wheel once again introduces a new generation force feedback technology to the mass market: Direct Drive.

Gran Turismo DD Pro is the official Fanatec steering wheel for Gran Turismo 7 1

According to Fanatec, there is no belt or gear that can weaken the feedback and Direct Drive is “The obvious choice of all professional drivers and simulation racing enthusiasts”and now the technology will be available to “a wider audience.”

Fanatec has designed a 100% custom engine that was developed specifically for simulation. The company took care of the patented FluxBarrier technology – with its help, we can feel extremely real feedback.

“Standard peak torque is 5Nm, and the Boost Kit 180 (sold separately) unlocks the full 8Nm. This high level of torque can be maintained without the need for active cooling, thanks to the extruded and CNC machined aluminum housing that acts as both a structured chassis and a heat sink. ”

The manufacturer notes that the equipment was specially designed for Gran Turismo, and while driving, we have to use the “RevLED” bar and the OLED display. The handlebar with a diameter of 280mm has a tactile rubber grip and ergonomic paddles. The device can be easily mounted, for example, on a table or desk – in this case, the clamp supports worktops with a thickness of 5 to 60 mm.

Gran Turismo DD Pro is the official Fanatec steering wheel for Gran Turismo 7 1

Fanatec emphasizes in many places that players will be able to customize and expand the capabilities of Gran Turismo DD Pro – for this reason, the starting price of EUR 699.95 (PLN 3,275) may go up to EUR 969.85 (PLN 4,538).

For 849.55 euros (3975 zlotys) you will get the Gran Turismo DD Pro with the mentioned Boost Kit 180 and a larger power supply, and for 969.85 euros (4538 zlotys) this set will be enlarged with extended pedals.

Pre-orders will start on November 26 and shipment in March 2022, but the company wants to offer a special (basic) kit before Christmas for the biggest fans – they have to prepare 849.95 euros, so in this case we will pay an additional 150 euros to receive the equipment earlier .

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