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Grand auto theft 3 is an adventure game developed in the year 2001 by DMA designs. This game is the first main game in the game auto theft series. The game series is based on the quest for revenge against Claud’s girlfriend who left him and was betrayed for a bank robbery. This kind of reminds me of the Netflix series Money heist isn’t it?

The game is played by the gamer in a third-person angle which is navigated by a vehicle. Grand Theft game was released on 22nd October 2001. The game features more than three hours of entertained music for the players. 

Grand Theft Auto 3 is played from a third-person view and it is an action cum adventure game. The game offers the player to play various missions at the same time, however, for some missions the players might have to wait for the instructions that need to be given by the game. Apart from the missions offered by the game, the players are free to roam, and this game kind of gives an open space to the players to carry out optional missions as well.
About Grand Theft Auto 3

The game has something called the liberty city which consists of three boroughs.

As the player moves towards the progress line the Staunton Island and the Shoreside vale gets unlocked, which is available for the player to play. To navigate in the world of Grand Theft Auto 3, the players may jump, run, or use vehicles. Auto-aim option in this game can be used in the course of combat by the player to protect them from their enemies.
The player can protect himself from getting hurt from the bullets, explosives with the help of body armor that is provided to the player. Claude in this game comes in contact with different characters and the player can have control over the mute option as well. The game offers fire fighting service, cab service, paramedic service, etc. 
The successful completion of the vigilante mission by the player allows him to give bribery to the cops after committing a serious crime. This allows the player to escape from being caught after committing a crime. 
To fight with the enemies the players make use of the M16 rifle, MicroUzi, flame thrower, firearms, etc. The players also make use of melee attacks to fight with their enemies. The game offers the players a wide variety of options to choose weapons. The weapons can be bought by the player from the ground where the local firearm dealers can be found.
The team who developed this game faced major challenges in adopting the features of this game. One of the noteworthy features of this game is the incorporation of 3D game series with a well-developed engine for the vehicles used in Grand Theft Auto 3. Some features of this game are listed below

Drive-by shooting is an amazing feature of this game since the origin of this particular series. This feature gives the player the ability to shoot the opponent while driving the vehicle. This special feature can be activated by the player through powerup mode. The game allows the player to use machine guns and shoot the opponent diagonally while driving the vehicle.

The explosive Barrel is a well-known feature that is available in almost all the genres when it comes to video games. This feature is widely present in a first shooter and action games. This feature is yellow or red that usually explodes when the opponent is near the player. They can also be found near the places of enemies, which explodes and kills the enemies during play.


Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Game Download

Name Grand Theft Auto 3
Initial Release Date  22 October 2001
Engine RenderWare
Series  Grand Theft Auto
Golden Joystick Award for Game of the Year
Android, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox, iOS, Fire OS, Classic Mac OS
Developers Rockstar Games, Rockstar North
Category PC Games > Action,Adventure

How To Download Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Instructions

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Grand Theft Auto 3 – Minimum System Requirement

  • Vehicle License Plates

Grand Theft Auto 3 – Recommended System Requirement

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