Grandfather Unleashed / On Canale 5 the film with Robert De Niro and Zack Efron

Grandpa Unleashed, Channel 5 film directed by Dan Mazer

Grandpa Unleashed it goes airing today, May 14, 2022, up Channel 5 starting from 11.55 pm. Monumental it is the cast where we find Robert De Niro, Zoey Deutch and Zac Efron, directed by Dan Mazer. The film was produced in the United States and was released in January 2016.

The film was not very successful, even was nominated for the “Razzie Awards 2016” in several categories including worst film and worst screenplay. Surely a film that could have been avoided also in order not to tarnish the career of someone like De Niro who will always be a “bull” and certainly will not go down in history for this vulgar “grandfather”.

Grandpa Unleashed, the plot of the film

We read the plot from Grandpa Unleashed. Jason Kelly is a brilliant attorney practicing at parent Richard Kelly’s firm. Jason is about to get married but a few days before the wedding celebration his grandmother dies and for the young man it is the right opportunity to resume relations with his grandfather that he had not seen for some time. Unfortunately Jason will find himself in absurd, almost surreal circumstances. Grandfather Dick after a marriage that lasted many years, to respect the wishes of his poor wife decides to resume living great and to enjoy life by dedicating himself to all sorts of fun. In this new and unbridled way of life Dick involves his nephew, in order to make him understand that the life he is about to undertake with the marriage is not suitable for him.

Grandfather and grandson decide to go to Florida, the tourist spot that the two have chosen to enjoy the “spring break”, or the seven days of vacation that university students allow themselves with the arrival of spring. During the “spring break” Dick and Jason meet a young student, Shadia, a beautiful girl who a few years earlier had attended a course at the university with Jason. In seeing each other again, the two boys feel a mutual attraction but Jason has no intention of ruining his next marriage.

Among Shadia’s friends is Leanor, a smart and enterprising girl who has set her sights on Dick and intends to spend a few hours in intimacy with him. A series of unexpected and embarrassing situations happen whereby Jason informs his grandfather that he wants to go back to the girl he is about to marry.

During a lunch a few days before getting married Jason begins to doubt his feelings, he is no longer sure he wants that kind of life and comes to the conclusion that his grandfather was right. He then decides to retrace his steps and reach Shadia. The two young people decide to leave together to travel the world while grandfather Dick and the beautiful Leanor have a story of sex and give birth to a beautiful baby. At this point Leanor must consider himself Jason’s grandmother while the baby is in fact her uncle.

The video of the trailer for “Grandfather Unleashed”


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