Grandparents’ Day: Areas Vulnerable to Fraud and Deception

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Older people are one area that deserves more attention in society and on Grandparents Day.People in this group are vulnerable to fraud and deception.

In this sense, the Citizens’ Council for Security and Justice in Mexico City receives requests for assistance from grandparents in the following situations: Concerns about the prevention and care of crimes such as extortion and fraud.

The agency noted that: Both items accounted for 27.8% of the total reported so far in 2022-2023.On the other hand, 9.6% were related to situations of abuse or abandonment, and 5% needed psychological support because of family problems, mourning, or separation.

The agency stressed that fraud was taking place. 29.8% blamed fake lenders, 18% blamed internet trading fraud16% reported being injured, detained, or deceived by a family member of an allegedly injured person. 14% are related to fake relatives visiting.

Regarding blackmail, The main modality identified was Montadeuda, accounting for 19% of the total.

“We have a responsibility to make them feel cared for, cared for, informed and safe. Each of our offices is an open house for seniors,” said Salvador Guerrero Tsipres, president of the organization.

More attention on CDMX

80 percent The focus was Mexico City, with 15% other organizations. Among them are the states of Mexico, Morelos, Queretaro, Jalisco and Puebla.

of 282.7 cumulative calls per 100,000 residents in Mayor Benito Juarez’s Office, Azcapotzalco with 255 points and Cuauhtemoc with 251.5 points. Six out of 10 people who seek guidance from the civil council are women, and 39.6 percent are over the age of 70.

Senior citizens rely on the guidance, support and recognition of the Citizens Council for Safety and Justice in Mexico City. Resolution of doubts about various procedures, legal accompaniment Before crime, for psychological support for family problems.

This is demonstrated in the report “Silver Thread, Support Network”. Older People, Needs and Care 2022-2023 details that there are 28,000 782 adults. Asked for help with the Silver Line established by the Civic Council It’s for the elderly.

Through this line and Confidence Chat (55 5533 5533), the Citizens Council offers psychiatric support, preventative guidance and free legal assistance 24/7 and confidentially, nationwide.especially in this area Grandparents Day, a segment susceptible to fraud and deception.

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