Granita and brioche cu tuppu, Sicilian triumph on Rai1: the recipe

Granita and brioche cu tuppu: triumph of Sicilianity with the recipe proposed above Rai1 at “It’s Always Noon”. The chef Fabio Potenzanoonce again, showed the best of the culinary tradition of our island, proposing a real must of the summer. How to make mulberry granita and the mythical brioscia col tuppo.

On Rai1 Granita and Brioche Cu Tuppu

L’summer is now around the corner and that beautiful period in which you enjoy the Sicilian artisan granite. Sure, they’re good all year round, but when it starts to get warmer, they’re the best way to cool off. Respecting this tradition, Rai1’s È semper Mezzogiorno program presented a recipe in which Sicily triumphs.

The chef Fabio Potenzanofixed and beloved presence of the program of Antonella Clericiprepared the mulberry granita, accompanying it with the legendary brioscia, that is brioche with tuppo. Fresh and genuine ingredients, completed with whipped cream and Modica chocolate.


Ingredients for 4 people

For the granita:

  • Water 200 ml;
  • Sugar 150 g;
  • Mulberries, 500 g.

For the brioche:

  • 00 flour 500 g;
  • Brewer’s yeast 25 g;
  • Sugar 75 g;
  • Salt 10 g;
  • Water 150 ml;
  • Eggs 120 g;
  • Butter 50 g;
  • Untreated orange 1 (for the zest);
  • Untreated lemon 1 (for the zest);
  • Vanilla 1 berry.

To brush and complete:

  • Egg 1;
  • Milk;
  • Whipped Cream;
  • Modica chocolate in flakes.


  1. Let’s start with the brioche.
  2. Put the flour, eggs and yeast in the planetary mixer (you can also mix it by hand).
  3. We begin to knead, then add the water, sugar and salt.
  4. We let you knead.
  5. Mix the butter at room temperature, a little at a time, with a vanilla bean and the grated lemon and orange zest.
  6. We combine the mixture in a planetary mixer and let it knead again.
  7. Put the mixture in a large bowl, cover with cling film and let it rise in the refrigerator for 2 hours (1 hour if we leave it at room temperature).
  8. With the mixture we form balls of 70 g and others of 20 g.
  9. We put the largest on a plate lined with parchment paper, make a hole in the center of each with a finger and put the smaller balls on top, to which we give the shape of a cone.
  10. Brush them with egg and milk mixed together.
  11. We let it rise until they triple in volume.
  12. Brush them again with eggs and milk and bake at 180 ° for 12/15 minutes.
  13. For the granita, we make a syrup of water and sugar.
  14. Let it cool, then put it in the mixer together with the mulberries.
  15. We whisk, put in a baking dish keeping a little to one side and put in the freezer for 2 hours.
  16. When it is frozen, cut into pieces and put in the mixer.
  17. We combine the remaining part that we had kept aside and whisk again.
  18. We serve the granita garnishing it with fresh cream and chocolate chips together with the brioche.

Enjoy your meal!

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