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While we wait to be able to see Season 3 of the anime of Demon Slayer we admire the Daki cosplay realized by greyorangeswhich offers us a really successful interpretation of the demoness who made Tanjiro and his companions struggle so much.

Daki plays the role of the Sixth Crescent Moon, the strongest group of demons, together with her older brother Gyutaro, as well as one of the main antagonists of Season 2 of Demon Slayer. She hides among humans disguised as Orian, or a “woman of pleasure”, and uses her attractiveness to capture and trap her victims, then calmly devour them at a later time. In addition to unmatched strength, endurance, and agility, her special power allows her to manipulate obi, a traditional Japanese garment, which she can wield as if they were razor-sharp blades.

The grayoranges cosplay represents the demonic version of Daki, characterized by a long white and green hair. As we can see, the costume has been recreated in a practically perfect way and also the Japanese-style scenography is certainly very apt in this case.

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