Grazi Massafera froze her eggs but prioritized “legal relationships”: “I already have a daughter”

Actress Grazi Massafera, 41, said that although she froze her eggs, having another child is not her priority at the moment.The artist is already the mother of 11-year-old Sophia as a result of a previous relationship with the actor Cowan Raymond43. “My eggs are frozen, but that’s not what I do…I think relationships are a priority these days. I already have a daughter. If it is a relationship, whatever that means, that will be the case,” Grazi declared in a statement. wow cast.

artist who He will be the main character in the remake version. dona veijaproduced by HBOsaid she now feels she has new challenges ahead of her as Sophia approaches adolescence. “What’s it like to raise a teenage son in Rio de Janeiro? I don’t know because I’m from the countryside. I tell her every day, ‘When you make a mistake, the mistake is to try to correct it. .Especially because I never had a daughter the same age as you.’ I realized that I’ll be your mother forever because any of your ages are new to me,” she explained.

Becoming a mother was a big change in Grazi’s life, and she said that pregnancy is the time when she feels most powerful as a woman. “Bringing into life was a big change. So beautiful and so cliche (that’s how I say it). I romanticized my pregnancy and everything happened. I had a great pregnancy and it’s even more beautiful when you’re pregnant , I felt more powerful,” the artist said. In the end, she emphasized that thanks to her Sophia, she was able to see the simple things in her daily life with a new perspective, and she “discovered the world through her eyes again,” she concluded.

Grazi Massafera and Kaua Raymond are Sofia's parents — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Grazi Massafera and Kaua Raymond are Sofia’s parents — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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