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According to The Guardian, business leaders and conservative MPs immediately criticized Boris Johnson. In their opinion, the prime minister showed a lack of professionalism and seriousness.

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Boris Johnson lost his notes during his speech. He filled the silence with a tale of Peppa Pig’s amusement park

On Monday, November 22, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with representatives of the Confederation of British Industry in South Shields. During his speech, he did not use a teleprompter, but paper notes. Unfortunately, he very quickly got lost in the cards he brought. – Damn it. Forgive me – Boris Johnson apologized several times, quoted by “The Guardian”.

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The silence was so embarrassing that the British Prime Minister decided to fill it with something. He started talking about … Peppa Pig’s amusement park – “Peppa Pig World”, which he had visited with his wife and son the previous day. It is located in Hampshire and is entirely dedicated to the pink fairy pig. “I went yesterday, we should all do it, to Peppa Pig World,” said Boris Johnson. – I liked it very much. This is my style place. It has very safe streets and discipline in schools, he added.

British Prime Minister on Peppa Pig’s “genius”: A pig that looks like a hair dryer

During his speech, Boris Johnson tried to find out if any of the audience and conference attendees had ever visited Britain’s Peppa Pig World. “I’m surprised you weren’t there,” he commented.

– Who would believe that a pig that looks like a hair dryer or more like a Picasso style dryer, a pig that was rejected by the BBC, would now be exported to 180 countries? the British Prime Minister wondered, pointing out that Peppa Pig was “a proof of the power of British creativity”. “I think he’s pure genius, right?” – added.

Kitty Ussher of the leadership group, the Institute of Directors, told the Guardian that Johnson’s speech was untrustworthy and in places “inappropriate.” What business leaders want more than anything is a calm macroeconomic environment that gives them the confidence to invest in the future. We have not seen much of this in the coverage of the prime minister’s speech, she concluded.

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– I did not expect a reference from Peppa Pig – said Neil Whittaker, director of marketing and communication at the national training company Learning Curve Group. – It seemed that (ed. “Boris Johnson) is completely lost, he said.

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