Great Britain. New rules for travelers from December 7, 2021

From December 7, all visitors to the UK from overseas must re-test negative for the coronavirus. The new rules are to prevent the spread of the omicron variant.

This requirement applies to all travelers visiting Great Britain and its residents returning from abroad, whether they are vaccinated or not. Tests must be done within 48 hours prior to departureThese can be both PCR-type tests and rapid antigen tests.


New rules for traveling to the UK

Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Monday afternoon that the new entry rules – also including the travel red list and PCR tests upon arrival – are provisional and will be reviewed next week.

From November 30, all visitors from abroad must undergo a PCR test no later than on the second day after their arrival and remain in home quarantine until a negative result is obtained.

Red list in connection with the omicron variant

There are 11 African countries in the red list – from the end of November 10 from the south of the continent, and on Monday they were joined by Nigeria. Only the countries on the red list can enter UK and Irish nationals and UK residents, but must undergo a 10-day paid quarantine in one of the designated hotels upon arrival.

To date, 336 cases of the Omikron variant have been confirmed in the UK. Javid said on Monday that they are no longer exclusively related to overseas travel, but are broadcast locally.

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