Great Britain. Prince Andrzej will answer for the sexual assault. The court rejected his request | World news

On January 3, a document was released that was supposed to change the course of the British Prince Andrzej’s case. The settlement between Virginia Giuffre and Jeffrey Epstein, signed 13 years ago, was published as part of a civil proceeding that Virginia brought against Andrzej. However, the court decided that despite the disclosed settlement from years ago – between Virginia Giuffre and businessman Jeffrey Epstein – the British prince would still have to answer to the court.

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Great Britain. Prince Andrzej will be tried for sexual assault 21 years ago

According to the BBC, a New York federal court refused to dismiss Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Andrzej. Although the prince denies the allegations, and his lawyers say that in connection with the contract that Virginia Giuffre signed with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2009, the British prince will still have to stand trial for the alleged sexual assault in 2001.

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The disclosed document shows that Virginia Giuffre is owed $ 500,000 as part of the settlement. Instead, it may not bring any claims against “any other person or entity who may be considered a potential defendant”.

On August 9, 2021, 38-year-old Giuffre filed a civil suit against Prince Andrzej in a New York court. She claimed that when she was 17 she was sexually harassed by a British prince. She argued that the harassment was to take place in London, New York and on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands group. In her opinion, the British prince was then aware that she was a minor. Now the woman is seeking compensation that, experts say, could amount to millions of dollars.

In November last year, Judge Lewis Kaplan set an initial date for the trial – it would take place between September and December 2022. As it is a civil matter, it is possible to reach an out-of-court settlement. It would probably involve the prince paying compensation to Giuffre for the withdrawal of the lawsuit. However, reports from the British media show that the settlement talks have not yet taken place.

Prince Andrzej urgently needs money? He is selling a cabin in Switzerland to pay for court costs

The British Daily Mirror reports that Prince Andrew is urgently trying to sell a cottage in Switzerland to cover the court costs related to the case of Virginia Giuffre. According to reports, Queen Elizabeth II will not help her son with the costs of lawyers and a possible settlement. Prince Charles, son of Charles, and son of Charles – William – became furious when they learned of the incident involving Andrew and say that he should deal with his problems himself. “He pays all the costs himself, so he has to raise cash quickly to pay the bills that are growing day by day,” the source of the Daily Mirror said.

Prince Andrzej bought the property in 2014 with his wife Sarah Ferguson. The house in the Swiss ski resort of Verbier cost £ 16.6 million, but the previous owner has still not been paid £ 6.6 million. The pair agreed to the sale in September of the previous year, but so far the deal has not been finalized. According to newspaper reports, the prince is now trying to speed it up.

Prince AndrzejUSA. Prince Andrzej is expected to stand trial in the fall of 2022. For harassment

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