Great Britain. The number of migrants arriving in the country is three times higher than in 2020

The UK Home Office said on Monday that the number of migrants who have fled to the UK is already three times higher than in the whole of 2020. According to Minister Priti Patel, how many of them leave France is “unacceptable”.

The number of migrants who entered the UK through the English Channel since the beginning of this year has exceeded 25.7 thousand, which means that it is already more than three times higher than in the whole of 2020, the British Ministry of the Interior announced on Monday.


Last Saturday, 886 migrants on 28 boats were intercepted or rescued, and French officials intervened 14 times, preventing another 466 people from reaching Britain.

Priti Patel criticized for ineffectiveness in fighting the growing number of migrants

Interior Minister Priti Patel told MPs on Monday that there was a “global migration crisis” and that the number of migrants leaving France was “unacceptable”. She said she was actively pressing France to return migrants who came from there, and that similar talks were being held with Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and Poland.

Migrant camp near DunkirkENEX

But Patel is increasingly criticized for the fact that her repeated announcements of more decisive measures to stop the wave of migration do not translate into any visible results.

Due to concerns that the issue of the uncontrolled influx of migrants may affect the ratings of the ruling Conservative Party, last weekend the media reported that Stephen Barclay, the minister-chief of the prime minister’s office, is to conduct a review of measures that can be taken to stop this phenomenon.

In July, the United Kingdom concluded an agreement with France under which the French authorities, in exchange for financial aid, undertook to prevent migrants from trying to cross the English Channel more effectively. The government in London, however, believes that France is not doing as much as it should. According to British authorities on Monday, this year France has kept over 20,000 on its side. migrants.

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