Great hopes, but also fears. We visited the place where the first nuclear power plant in Poland is to be built

On the way to the beach in Lubiatów, we admire a beautiful, wild forest, 600 ha of which is to be cut for investment. On the one hand, building a power plant is an obvious threat to tourism. On the other hand, an opportunity for relatively poor municipalities.

– It will mean a lot of development. It will be rich. I have been to many municipalities in Europe where nuclear power plants were built, I met with the local government. One of the mayors says: “you know Wiesiek, I have a problem, because I still have 3 million euros to spend”. And that was November. I would like to have such problems – Wiesław Gębka, the mayor of the Choczewo commune tells Onet.

The atmosphere in the region is very intimate. There are no large hotels, pedestrian streets and restaurants here. Locals say that even in high season, the beaches are empty. Up to 5 km of the beach may disappear during construction.

– I am most afraid that they will start and not finish, that there will be another Żarnowiec – comments Marzena Drewa-Kierznikiewicz, mayor of Jackow.

The greatest concern of everyone in the region is the repetition of the construction of the nuclear power plant in Żarnowiec. The forest will be cut down, the construction will continue, the authorities will abandon the project, and the land will be sold and, for example, a tourist resort will be built here.

In unofficial talks, residents are afraid of the policies and decisions issued by Bartłomiej Obajtek, the new director of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Gdańsk, the brother of the head of Orlen.

The next meeting with mayors, village leaders and councilors is scheduled for January 15th. It is possible that then we will learn more details about the investment.

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