great news for the MCU series, it will also be set during the Blip!

During Disney’s TV Upfront, the event that saw the debut of the official She Hulk trailer, Kevin Feige apparently also revealed the first information on Secret Invasionthe highly anticipated and mysterious new Marvel TV series featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Emilia Clarke.

Those who covered the event for the American press, in fact, in these hours began to share some of the curiosities extrapolated from the short speech that Kevin Feige dedicated to the series: according to the reports, Secret Invasion will explore the events that occurred during the Blipwith part of the storyline expected to take place in the five years that elapsed between Thanos’ snap of fingers in Avengers: Infinity War and the rematch obtained by the Avengers in Endgame.

Obviously Kevin Feige was very vague and very little generous in detailbut those present seem to agree – or at least many of them have given this interpretation of the words of the Marvel executive – that Secret Invasion it will be divided into two storylines, one in the present with Nick Fury and another in those five years of blip (in which, as you may recall, Nick Fury was also ‘dead’). In practice, today Nick Fury is investigating something that happened during his absenceand if this were to really be the setting for the series, MCU fans would have something to rejoice.

It makes sense, moreover, that a secret invasion of the Skrulls occurred during the era of the Blip, as the absence of many superheroes and other prominent figures would have greatly facilitated the infiltration. Stay tuned for all the upcoming news on a series that at the moment, we remember, does not yet have a release date set but could arrive by the end of 2022: the shooting of the six episodes, in fact, ended last April.

For more reading, here’s what Samuel L Jackson said a few days ago about Nick Fury’s role in Secret Invasion.

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