Great ranking of acting films with Spider-man

In connection with the upcoming premiere from Spider-Man: No Way Home we decided to prepare one large list of cinema productions devoted to the characters of the Spider Man. This topic seems all the more timely, because – according to rumors and fans’ hopes – the upcoming production will return to the former creations of Peter Parker, for which Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are responsible.

See with us how the adventures of the hero played by Tom Holland compare to the slightly older projects.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Release Date: April 25, 2014

It is surprising that even a few years after the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony was still working on its own fate for Pajaczek. Unfortunately, the sequel to the hero’s adventures, this time played by Andrew Garfield, deserves the last place in this ranking. While the special effects of this film are at a pretty good level, the script is really pale. The problem is very shallow antagonists, the superficial presentation of which was to serve as an introduction to a somewhat complex story, i.e. a spin-off about Sinister Six. Well, the mentioned production never saw the light of day, which left the audience with Spider’s one-dimensional opponents. Not to mention the unsatisfying final starring Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

6. Spider-Man 3

Release Date: May 4, 2007

Sometimes you need to know when to leave the stage. While the second part of Peter Parker’s fate, in the creation of Tobey Maguire, is really high in this list, the third part is an ordinary proverbial “reheated chop”. Instead of the Green Goblin, previously played by Willem Dafoe, viewers have to deal with his more boring version, the Hobgoblin / New Goblin – even the role of James Franco did not make the character even slightly interesting. Sandman can be simply left unsaid, because he just … was. However, a slightly darker version of Venom seems quite interesting, especially when compared to Tom Hardy’s creation from new movies. However, the movie Spider-Man 3 contributed to an internet phenomenon, the birth of Bully Maguire. It’s an internet meme inspired by Peter Parker, who became extremely arrogant after teaming up with Venom.

5. The amazing Spider-Man

Release Date: July 4, 2012

For the next time, fans of Pajączek could see the genesis of this hero’s fate and follow his already known adventures. Unfortunately, despite the refreshing of the topic, a few years after the end of the trilogy with Tobey Maguir, this production did not introduce anything new. Ba! Andrew Garfield’s version of Peter Parker was even worse than what we had seen before. However, this movie has several elements that make it do better than that Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2 – this is the first part, i.e. we are entering new and unexplored areas. Even if hackneyed threads appear, the script adapts a different comic book palette. If it weren’t for this Lizard with a nasty CGI.

4. Spider-Man: Far from home

Release Date: 5 July 2019

It was a really good movie. We’re just going to the spider heights, so even better productions will be on the podium. The sequel to Peter Parker, as created by Tom Holland, is the finale of the 3rd phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although showing the events, set after the clash with Thanos, was an interesting idea, there is far too much humor and many reheated jokes waiting for the viewers. Mysterio’s twist, however, makes it impossible to get bored, and the finale was just great. After all “Far away from home” suffers from the classic sequel syndrome, which is overshadowed by the great first part, and the writers failed one hundred percent with the bar of fan expectations high.

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