Great Resignations, what is the “quitfluencer” and why 30% of workers are ready to leave-

Big resignation, agile work, quitfluencer and silent resignation, the so-called quiet quitting. The 2022 labor market is shaken by various phenomena that testify to the need for a rethinking of organizational models by companies, large and small. An evident trend if you look at the numbers of the third edition of the research “Global Workforce of the Future” by Adecco, a group active in services dedicated to the management of human resources. The data is clear: globally, around one third (27%) of workers will seek to change jobs in the next 12 months. A propensity that could have a domino effect and originate the “quitfluencer”. In fact, 7 out of 10 workers admit that seeing colleagues resign pushes them to consider imitating them (with 50% actually resigning).

But what leads people to change companies and what is the extent of the phenomenon in Italy? We asked Andrea Malacrida, country manager of The Adecco Group Italia. The first 9 months of 2022 are marked by an explosive mix of phenomena.On the one hand we are looking for a job that allows a better balance between professional and private life. Therefore, the emotional aspect and work well-being weighs heavily. On the other hand, in Italy in particular, one changes jobs to improve one’s economic condition.


At the time of skyrocketing inflation, the salary according to the Adecco study is the main reason why workers decide to change jobs. In Italy, 61% of employees believe that their wages are not sufficient to cope with the price increase caused by inflation. A problem that often leads to accepting illegal payments (35%), looking for a second job (51%) or selecting a new job because it offers a higher salary (49%).

In a similar context for companies retaining and finding people with the right skills can be complex. Companies – says Malacrida – must review their priorities by not relying exclusively on the tool of wage increases: salary increases undoubtedly remain a driving force, but must be accompanied by concrete initiatives to protect the well-being of the person. The survey in fact underlines the factors that determine the choice to stay. THE Italian employees remain in the company when they feel satisfied with their work (40%), they perceive a certain stability (38%) o a good balance between work and private life (35%). Among those looking for a new job, the greatest central well-being: 75% prefer employers interested in this aspect. a theme particularly dear to young people – adds Malacrida – who are more attentive to corporate values ​​than previous generations. We are also talking about a generation for which adequate policies in terms of job orientation are still lacking today.

The quiet quitting

The data of the analysis then highlight a need for stimuli among those who already work. Almost half would remain under the condition of get career progression. A short circuit if you consider that a quarter of the workforce has never had a discussion on the subject with their employer. The risk is thus that of “quiet quitting”, literally, “silent resignation”. A term that indicates the renunciation of maximum effort in the workplace and a mental and emotional detachment from daily activity. In other words, the conscious choice to make the minimum wage. It is a phenomenon that has not yet been analyzed but is often the result of a toxic culture in the workplace. This is also why we need to put people back at the center and build targeted growth paths in the company, concludes Malacrida.

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