Great revolution at KSW! End of cooperation with Polsat, galas on the new platform

As reported by Mateusz Hencel from “WP Sportowe Fakty”, the next KSW gala events will no longer be broadcast in cooperation with Cyfrowy Polsat. The rights to display them are to be taken over by the Viaplay platform.

Polsat was a media partner of KSW almost from the very beginning. He has been broadcasting galas of this organization on his sports antennas since July 2004, when only the second event took place.

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In less than two decades, the project has grown significantly, and now the KSW is a globally recognized federation. He has already had 64 events behind him, and another one, numbered 65, is scheduled for December.

From September 2012, the next struggles under the KSW could be watched in the pay per view system. The Federation cooperated with Cyfrowy Polsat, which was the main distributor.

As it turns out, this cooperation will no longer be continued. Such information was provided by Mateusz Hencel, a journalist from “WP Sportowe Fakty”.

According to his reports, the Viaplay streaming platform will be the new KSW partner. It is there that you will be able to follow the next galas of this organization.

Everything is to be confirmed during the Monday press conference. We will also get to know the full page of KSW 65 fights, which will take place on December 18.

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