Great success for the 2022 Christmas Concert in the Cathedral

A great public response. An appointment by now consolidated and awaited by the citizens of Gravina, but not only, present were many foreigners from the hinterland and tourists who visited our city in those days. A special way to celebrate Christmas by paying homage to God with a great Concert of international significance.

This happened on Wednesday 28 December 2022, in a packed Cathedral Basilica of Gravina in Puglia where the 16th Edition of the Christmas Concert curated by the “Orsini” Music Center took place, an event included in the municipal program “Our Christmas”. One of the pleasant novelties of the Concert was the presence of the young talented English maestro John Lyon, permanent conductor of the “Leeds Synphony Orchestra” and the 1st Oboe of the same Orchestra Camilla Bisengaliev representative of the Executive Committee of the “Westerbay Festival” of the city of Leeds invited in Gravina from the “Orsini” Music Center in the sign of continuity of cultural and musical exchanges with the English Festival, a twinning already active since 2019 and which in common agreement between the artistic parties is reactivated.

The evening was coordinated by the presenter Renato Consalvo, who introduced the Gravinese Chamber Orchestra “Nuova Musica” in its 26th year of activity, masterfully conducted by Maestro Claudio Lamuraglia and Maestro John Lyon, and the choirs “Mater Ecclesiae” and “Gravinese Academy of Music”.
The program of great musical depth was greatly appreciated by the audience. The famous Symphony No. 40 by WA Mozart and the “Nimrod” Variation by E. Elgar magically interpreted by Maestro John Lyon, the suggestive Concerto for 2 Oboes op. 7 n° 2 by T. Albinoni in which the oboists Claudio Lamuraglia and Camilla Bisengaliev performed with great skill as soloists, the “Salve Regina” by the local composer Can. D. Lapolla sung by the sublime voice of Soprano Concetta Aquila performed after 22 years, a work belonging to the historical archive of the “E. Pomarici Santomasi” Foundation. World premiere in modern times of the “Concertino” for flute and orchestra by the Altamuran composer Fabrizio Festa in which the virtuoso and talented flautist Davide Giove performed, the beautiful pages of themes from the film “Nuovo Cinema paradiso” by E. Morricone conducted by Maestro Claudio Lamuraglia and finally the beautiful Christmas songs by the Gravinese composer Tonio Giglio which always enjoy great success.

The President of the “Orsini” Music Center as well as Artistic Director M° Claudio Lamuraglia, in thanking the large audience present and the many positive local, national and European acclaim, defines this year’s concert as having an international dimension both in the artists involved and in both in the executed program. Furthermore, the President feels satisfied to have reactivated the twinning with the “Westernay Festival” of the city of Leeds of which he promoted to let Maestro Lyon know the manuscripts deposited in the “E. Pomarici Santomasi” Foundation of our local composers Domenico Lapolla and Salvatore Fighera who will perform with the concerts entitled “Italian Concert” in the United Kingdom in Leeds and in the hinterland with the “Leeds Synphony Orchestra”.

Those who did not have the opportunity to participate in the event will have the opportunity to make up for it on Thursday 5 January, by taking part in the Epiphany Concert which will be held in the Church of S. Matteo at 19.30.

(Photo Carlo Centonze)

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