Great success in Roatto for the first musical performance “Symphony of Rock”

“Maestro Silvano Pasini was able to capture with his specially written arrangements, the Rock essence of the guitar of a” Majestic “Andrea Braido without forgetting the colors, the technique and the power that only the symphony orchestra can release”. Cristiano Massaia, President of the MOS Foundation, is enthusiastic about the success obtained in Roatto last Sunday with the first musical performance “Symphony of Rock”.

“A performance with a very high musical and cultural value, totally self-produced by the MOS Foundation thanks to a small part of its own financial resources, and to a large extent instead courageously made available by the Pro loco and the Municipality of Roatto, a community of 350 inhabitants and that for that communities dedicate all their resources available, confirming an ancient proverb that quotes verbatim as follows “… It is not enough to have money, you also need to know what to do with it. – continues Massaia – by Mauro Quirico of the MeTa Association of Asti for production logistics provided totally free of charge. From the collaboration of as many as 3 local services that, also in this case, have created synergy in perfect Monferrato On Stage style: Elettra Service by the Manzo brothers; Multiservice Lineup by the Fornero Brothers and sound engineer Roberto Bazzano. and obviously from the immense work of study and meticulous, passionate and superlative preparation of the pieces by the Symphony Orchestra of Asti and Andrea Braido which lasted a few months.

This result of which we are all proud and deeply grateful, it is what Monferrato On Stage in its entirety and in the name of each entity involved can offer and create, today here is also and only tomorrow, with its own financial strengths and its loyal sponsors that allow the exhibition to survive in its ordinariness. The word culture is now an inflated and trendy term, on everyone’s lips all the time but, if you really want to deal with culture and its dissemination of its messages, think that these initiatives can economically weigh on two such small territorial subjects, in addition to the free work of rewriting each piece by the musicians, it must make us think a lot … We did it thoroughly and the feedback from the public, the endless certificates of esteem and appreciation received from all of us in the following days, quickly convinced us that we did well. Monferrato and northern Asti in general need to redeem themselves. They need resources to be able to express their potential and autonomously give rise to projects in which they identify and believe: Symphony Of Rock has been a clear and clear demonstration of this. So thank you – Massaia concludes – to all those who in every capacity have allowed us to realize a real dream for us and for our territories that have heart, soul and ability, to sell. Monferrato, “Shine on you crazy diamond”. Final toast with the wines of the Barbera d’Asti Consortium and wines from Monferrato. “

“It was undoubtedly – commented Maestro Silvano Pasini and Enrico Bellati of OSA – of one of the most exciting and intense evenings in the history of the Orchestra, and if you think that we have been worldwide with Bocelli, Piovani and Nicole Kidman, you can imagine its power. We are proud to have presented a unique show, which has been able to involve and lead the public into a world made of classic sounds and Rock sounds that, uniting and merging, have given life to a new and explosive reinterpretation of some of the greatest songs of all time. . From the very first notes the audience received an extraordinary emotional impact and not infrequently, during the concert, we saw people crying with emotion and joy. As the Asti Symphony Orchestra we are therefore proud – conclude -, to have started a project that in collaboration with MOS and META we aim to bring to the highest levels of the Italian music scene and why not also European, always characterized by our belonging to the territory of Monferrato “.

“The experience of data zero with the Asti Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Silvano Pasini and the musicians, was a very great emotion – comments guitarist Andrea Braido – I really felt at home; we tried hard for a project that deserves to be brought to theaters because it combines classicism, rock, improvisation with important elements of blues, jazz, paying homage to pieces that have made rock history. It is certainly one of the most interesting projects I have participated in, very demanding but the results have been there because people got excited in every song with great ones. “

“Sunday was pure emotion – says Stefania Maggio, President of the Pro Loco of Roattese – indelible, the one that comes back every time you think about it .. a crazy evening, really difficult to replicate for our small town it was really an honor for us to be able to host the “first time” of this great concert. As soon as it was advertised, the interest was immediately very strong with phone calls that came from afar and the wait was not betrayed. The desire to play together also chased away the storm and reached everyone strong ”. “From the first moment that such an extraordinary event was thought of, I thought:“ We have to do it in Roatto! ”, And so it was”.

The Mayor of Roatto Bruno Colombo immediately believed in the potential of the new MOS Foundation project. “The Sunday event was “my concert”, The synergy with all the organizers was crucial for their skills and my will, with the fundamental contribution of all the volunteers of the Pro Loco, have produced a very gratifying result , so gratifying that it would be a shame to limit it only to the spectators of last Sunday; it is a show to be repeated in other scenarios. It was so nice to see some people cry with emotion for such a particular sound. I think that on Sunday evening everyone had fun, the audience, the members of the orchestra, the masters, Braido, everyone. it was a memorable, extraordinary evening ”.

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