Green Lantern, Sam Worthington turned down the role of Ryan Reynolds: ‘It made no sense’

So it was clear to many, even before the film’s release, that the green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds was a disaster waiting to happen. Certainly to Sam Worthington, former star of Avatar who refused the role that went to Reynolds because the film “didn’t make sense”. He asked them questions and they didn’t know how to answer.

Few other films can afford the hype that still surrounds the film adaptation of Green Lantern from 2011. In a way it’s almost a (s)cult honor: one of the worst comic book adaptations – not just Green Lantern, in general – of the last twenty years or more. Fortunately it was not a final conviction for Ryan Reynoldswho actually met the woman of his life on the set – the co-star Blake Lively – and was still able to return to playing the role of a super in the highly acclaimed Deadpool.

But what if history had gone differently? In a way, we’re almost happy with what that role brought (against all odds) to Reynolds. And we are equally happy that another actor who had been proposed – perhaps just after the visibility obtained with Avatar – had the ability to understand the predicted disaster. But what if history had gone differently? If the Sam Worthington today so busy on the expanding franchise of Avatar, had accepted that role?

He tells about the audition to the microphones of Variety: “It didn’t make much sense for me. The dress that comes out of her skin? And I was like, ‘He has this powerful ring that can create anything. Well, but what can beat the ring?‘. The answer was: ‘Anything‘. It was me: ‘Well, something has to beat it or it won’t be very interesting to be seen’. They just had the ring on the table and just said, ‘Wear it.’ And I was trying to figure out if they were serious. It was very bizarre”. Amusing the fact that Worthington has also found himself on the other side of the fence with Avatar, that is in the role of another: do you want to discover the absurd story of how Matt Damon lost 300 million by rejecting him?

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