Greenpeace composes humanity’s swan song with Will Poulter – La Reclaim

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We remember, or not, Joni Mitchell (not to be confused with Eddie) who came out in 1970 “Big Yellow Cab”, one of the first contemporary songs to draw attention to environmental issues. Shortly after, Marvin Gaye also created a sensation with his famous title “Mercy Mercy Me (Eco)”, and the Beach Boys followed with “Don’t Go Near the Water”. This crazy decade really marked a major turning point in awareness and action to protect the environment, and music has contributed a lot to that. Because if art itself does not have the intrinsic power to save the planet, on the other hand it can play an important role in sensitizing, motivating and mobilizing individuals in favor of the environment. Today, almost half a century later, NGOs green Peace A collaboration of multiple artists harnesses this power of attraction in a melodious short film of over 7 minutes.

name of this movie don’t stop » Written and directed by Samona Olanipekun, a member of Steve McQueen’s Lammas Park stable. Production is handled by Steve McQueen (” twelve years a Slave among others) and Bona Oracu, both of whom are recognized for their talent and success in the film industry. This film stars actor Will Poulter, best known for his performances in the films “Maze”, “Midsomer” And ” Evil spirit “, A reworked version by award-winning producer Fraser T. Smith featured a debutant artist best known for collaborating with artists such as Adele and Drake, notably the cult song by Fleetwood Mac, making only a small impact. Can do.

The story, meanwhile, unfolds at a lively but troubling party where everything seems out of our control. We are brutally faced with the reality of our situation: greedy corporations are partying without a care for tomorrow. However, if they continue down this path, it is feared that there will indeed be no tomorrow.

Director Samona Olanipekun shares his perspective behind the camera: “My film is an allegory for the climate crisis – things seem to be falling apart all around us, while people in power carry on as if nothing happened. The guests coming out of the mausoleum represent those who are brave enough to face the truth. People everywhere are facing the climate disaster – it’s time for us to wake up and shake up the fossil fuel industry. Together we are stronger and every voice makes us stronger »

If today we are all aware of the importance of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promoting cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy. Greenpeace, through its film, continues to perpetuate this reality to remind us how important it is to act.

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