Grey’s Anatomy 18, the review of the finale

The review of the Grey’s Anatomy 18 season finale, which also marks the milestone of the 400th episode for the medical drama, available on Disney + Star.

It is under the banner of meta-television that we write this review of the Grey’s Anatomy 18 season finaleavailable from June 22 on Disney + starwhich is also the 400th episode of the series. This is because the stories behind the scenes and behind the production of the longest-running medical drama in TV history have been incredibly intertwined with what was happening in front of the camera this season, particularly in the last few episodes.

Meta-medical drama

Grays Anatomy 18X09 Ellen Pompeo Scene

Grey’s Anatomy 18: Ellen Pompeo in a scene from the ninth episode, crossover with Station 19

We could call it the epilogue of non-decisions this season finale of Grey’s Anatomy 18. The series has come of age but, despite what it seemed at the beginning of the season with the return of Addison and the possible basis for a closure in a big way, so has not been. The protagonist Ellen Pompeo has long wanted to leave the series but, either for the emotional and economic attachment to the role that launched it, or for all the jobs that would consequently leave vacant, they have always managed to convince her to stay a year more. Never as this year, however, his story and that of his alter ego on the screen, Meredith Gray, have incredibly intertwined and overlapped: thanks to the new entries Peter Gallagher and ER Fightmaster and the return of Scott Speedman in the role of Dr. Marsh, earlier in the season, the doctor was involved in a study to cure Parkinson’s in Minnesota, in a clinic that eventually turned out to be ready to hire her. In various meta-television dialogues, including the final, Meredith / Ellen complained about how she doesn’t seem to be able to leave the place that gave her “birth” on a professional level, as if it were a debt she will never be able to repay. . Already in the eighth season the creators had tried to think of a Grey’s Anatomy without the Gray of the title, which could perhaps become the half-sister Lexi, but causing her to die in the plane crash. Ten years later it is now clear that the series without Ellen / Meredith could not survive, as it remains the most followed on the ABC network. With her the spin-off Station 19, which will also return with a sixth season but could not survive without the mother series because it lacks its own identity.

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Peolple always leave

Grays Anatomy 18 Ellen Pompeo Scott Speedman

Grey’s Anatomy 18: Ellen Pompeo and Scott Speedman in a scene from the series

In the spirit of the plot-twist – in this case perhaps not totally successful – that characterized the writing of Krista Vernoff who a few years ago took the reins of both series from Shonda Rhimes – in this season finale Meredith is the only one to stay at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, even receiving the “keys to the kingdom” from the now former chief Bailey (Chandra Wilson) with the threat / promise of having to rebuild that place that formed and raised it, and which is now falling in pieces along with his graduate program, which was discontinued. Thus we return to the origins in what is also the 400th episode of the entire serial, re-proposing some historical passages from the soundtrack and a frenetic montage of some moments experienced by the protagonists over the course of 18 years of stories. However, it all seems too packaged and unmotivated, except for Ellen / Meredith’s reflections on the continuation of her career and on whether or not to accept the Minnesota offer right now that Seattle needs her more than ever. And it’s an interesting counterpoint to see the new trainees leave the building with their belongings and gowns, while the sequences of the original trainees – of which only Meredith is left – are making their first entry into the then Seattle Grace Hospital. .

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Grays Anatomy 18 Jesse Williams Ellen Pompeo Sarah Drew

Grey’s Anatomy 18: Ellem Pompeo and Sarah Drew in the season finale

The last striking aspect of this season finale is the presence – already announced – of Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew, who return to play the role of Jackson Avery and April Kepner, one of the most loved couples on the show who here manages to give take their happy farewell after what Vernoff had unraveled in previous seasons. There are already rumors of a spin-off with their two protagonists, to see their life in Boston with the Avery Foundation, especially after what has been seen of their relationship in this finale, but it seems difficult that such a serial could have the birthplace right now, as they both seem to be done with those roles. However, they are not the only couple to resolve their outstanding issues, because even Maggie and Wilson seem to make peace after the problems with his brother, vowing to want to know each other better. Amelia and Kai hug again with transport. Instead, it is Owen and Teddy who “flee into the night” after he risks being sued for assisted suicide given to some war veterans. In the midst of so much indecision, Meredith got a conquest, however: the love one, the first convincing one after Derek apart from “our” Andrew DeLuca, or Dr Marsh ready to find a solution that will make them both happy.

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We arrive at the conclusion of the review of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy 18 on the one hand moved by how the series managed to reach the important milestone of the 400th episode still having some arrows in its bow, but at the same time what was happening behind the scenes has irremediably influenced what is seen in front of the camera, creating a meta-television short-circuit on the protagonist Ellen / Meredith not always able to which paradoxically seems to overturn everything at the end.

Because we like it

  • The meta-television aspect of the story involving the protagonist Ellen Pompeo and her character Meredith Gray
  • The happy ending involving many of the protagonist couples and the return of Japril
  • The overturning of the stories of the specialization course, of Miranda and of Meredith herself in spite of what one might have expected
  • The short flashbacks of the previous episodes together with some historical music tracks from the soundtrack …

What’s wrong

  • … But reproposed with a tight fitting and too ad hoc packaged without a real motivation

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